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  1. I finished doing this. Okay, here is the newest problems. The shape of the shield is in my toolbar, however, there is no color to it at all, its blank and grey. Secondly, when you go into the start menu, and go to computer, it should show you C drive, hard drive, CD drive), all of that is gone, and I can't get to it. I went into control panel. It shows Windows Firewall is off. When I check to see the security status, it won't open. I am not able to my firewall, malware, etc.... I am still getting the same trouble message. Also, for getting into my emails, or youtube, or anywhere else, the circle goes round and round. It then will time out. I have the fast speed on my computer. One meg, for upload, I think is what they call it! Your turn Again! Thanks Mel
  2. I have Windows Vista. I do not have password protection on. I did go in and turn off windows firewall as it was running at the same time as Lava soft. I am still getting the error message about not finding something in C file for Lava Soft, it was on the screen just a minute ago, but now it is gone. I just went to you tube, and pushed play on one of the videos, the little icon still goes round and round, but never stops so the video can play. The only way to have it instantly play is to suspend protection, or exit protection all together. If I do this, then I have to turn windows firewall back on! Here's what the message says: No news data to show. Can't load page c:/Program Files/ Lavasoft Personal Firewall/ html-view/alert.html. Please Help Again. The shield is blue, and initial set up was done in normal load. Melonie
  3. I tried to enter my settings, it says: "Configuration is not available yet, please try again later". Now what do I do? Thank You
  4. I have always used Ad Aware free. My Norton expired on my new computer. I really liked Ad-Aware because it worked well, and it was easy to use. I purchased the Ad-Aware Pro Anniversary Edition including the Lavasoft Firewall on April 13, 2009. Since then, I have had nothing but problems. I uninstalled Norton and before installing all of the software. There were no security programs on my computer. Lavasoft fire wall was set at minimal, and Wizard Create Rules. Everytime I tried to access my email (gmail) or any other website, Lava soft Firewall blocked it. I am still having this trouble. If I want to access any website, I have to disable Lavasoft. This is frustrating, and the only way to verbally talk with someone is to call an international phone number in Switzerland. I am very unpleased with this program. If someone can help me, I would really appreciate it. Thank You. :angry: :angry: