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  1. Here is my latest information. I just clicked the update button on my Adaware 8.2.2 Free version and noticed that, as well as updates for the definitions file, there were updates of AAWService.exe and CEAPI.dll. So I thought I would try a smart scan to see if the new updates had cured my problems with very slow Browser Hijack scans. The scan worked brilliantly. Instead of the usual 13 to 15 minutes for the scan to complete, it took only 2mins 45 secs.. It zipped through browser hijacks and LSPs and everything else, finding only a few cookies. So everything seems to be back to normal at last. It took a while, but the Lavasoft team got there in the end.
  2. [quote name='visitor' post='117220' date='Feb 23 2010, 02:52 PM']Not sure if the hung scans are related to the number of objects changing, but we've also reported that to Lavasoft. It looks like reverting back to 8.1.4 is the best fix right now until they get a handle on the bugs.[/quote] Well I persevered with testing of Adaware 8.2.0. I continued to update Adaware before any testing and kept AVG Free resident and Spybot SD Resident running. I set up profile scans which scanned only one area at a time. Each profile scan completed succesfully. Critical Areas only...success. LSPs only... success. Cookies only....success. Windows Registry only...success. ADS only...success. Got to Browser Hijacks only...nothing happened, it just sat there and sat there and sat there. So I figured the hang was happening during scanning for Browser Hijacks. So I stopped the scan (again I could only do this by exiting Adaware). Decided I had better test it again to make sure and started a new profile scan with Browser Hijacks only. Again it sat there and sat there and sat there. But during the sitting there, the phone rang. I would normally have got fed up of adaware sitting there doing nothing after five or six minutes, but because I was on the phone, Adaware was left to sit there and sit there for about 15 minutes doing nothing whilst scanning for Browser Hijacks. I got off the phone and, wonder of wonders, the scan had finished (found nothing). On checking the logs, the scan had taken about ten minutes to scan for Browser Hijacks only. So Adaware doesnt hang, it just slows down to a crawl whilst scanning for Browser Hijacks. I tested again by carrying out a smart scan. Now normally (with 8.1.4) I would sit and watch the scan complete and carry out any recommended actions (6 to 7 minutes), but this time when the scan appeared to hang (On LSPs this time) I went off and left it for ten minutes or so. Came back and the scan had completed and found a few cookies in about 15 minutes. So the outcome of my testing is this: 1. Adaware 8.2.0 still strips off about 2000 from the report of objects scanned once critical areas have finished being scanned. 2. Adaware 8.2.0 slows to a crawl when scanning for Browser Hijacks. Both of these problems were not (to my knowledge) exhibited by Adaware 8.1.4 but knowing about them may help Lavasoft developers. I am going to keep Adaware 8.2.0 going but just forget about it whilst the scan completes. I hope they can fix these problems because any problems are not good and they lower mine and other users' trust in Adaware.
  3. [quote name='visitor' post='117181' date='Feb 23 2010, 12:09 AM']It may be due to having resident protection turned on on all 3 products. I'd try disabling all but one.[/quote] I downloaded the latest updates via the update button before doing anything else. I turned off resident protection on both AVG Free and Spybot SD. I still have the same symptoms, except that Adaware 8.2 now hangs at different points in the scan. I have attempted to make several smart scans with all resident protection off except for Adaware. The scan hung twice on C/windows/system32/wudfsvc.dll it hung once on C/windows/system32/zipfldr.dll It hung once when it began to scan Files But it hasnt hung on LSPs anymore (or it didnt get that far) I have used adaware for 5 years or more and have never experienced problems like these.
  4. My system is Windows XP Pro with AVG Free and Spybot Search and destroy installed. I had Adaware 8.1.4 installed and everything was running perfectly. I updated to Adaware 8.2 and was getting the "adaware has shut down unexpectedly please send the error report" message about 20 seconds into the scan. I did that and checked the Forums for more information. I saw the recommendation to reinstall Adaware 8.1.4.... which I did (after completely removing Adaware 8.2 via the remove programs in Control Panel). Everything was working fine again. I monitored these Forums and saw that a fix had been provided. So I completely removed Adaware 8.1.4 again and reinstalled Adaware 8.2 This went without a hitch and I rebooted the PC. During shutdown Adaware downloaded all available updates. On reboot I checked for anymore updates (there werent any) I tried to do a scan (it was showing that none had been performed) It began, without prompting, a Full Scan. It scanned about 450,000 objects and stopped scanning. The progress bar was still showing progress, the timer was still ticking up but nothing was happening. I waited about 5 minutes and tried to stop the scan. The stop scan button did not respond and I couldnt stop the scan. I clicked the red x and the scan window disappeared. BUT the Adaware icon in the sys tray was still showing that Adaware was doing something. I clicked the icon and opened Adaware again. The scan was still running but the timer had reset to zero, the objects scanned was reading zero and it still thought it was scanning. I had to exit Adaware completely before it would stop. I tried completely removing Adaware again and reinstalling. This time I was able to do a smart scan. This scan proceeded nicely (without the "Adaware has shut down send the erroror report" message). But this time the scan got as far as LSPs and hung again with all the previous symptoms exhibited, I couldnt stop the scan and had to exit. But this time there was an additional symptom. when the scan began LSPs, the number of objects scanned flipped from about 31,500 to about 30,200. This is obviously NOT the same problem as the "Adaware has shutdown unexpectedly" problem because I dont get that anymore. But it is probably related. I am going to go back to 8.1.4 again and wait developments to see if Adaware can fix this problem.