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  1. Had Anniv Edition 8.0.7 with defs 2009/7/26 which would not update program or defs. Click on Web Update button and nothing occurs. Checked the forum and didn't find anything conclusive. Did download core.aaw.def. Also had 1 msg failed to connect to svc. Furthermore it was using 12,328kb memory which is considerable for my old computer. Then Uninstalled using profile mgr and followed with registry search which produced 83 entries to be removed (checking both adaware and lavasoft). Then also removed it from program files & docs & settings. This is on WinXP, SP2, with Firefox 3.5.3, no firewall other than Netgear router.
  2. Start > Run > services.msc > find the Lavasoft Ad-Aware Service Status should be started and automatic. That did the trick, thank you! A week ago I had stopped several processes in order to gain memory in my aging computer, but don't see Lavasoft Ad-Aware there. Believe I also was playing with services for a short while and may have turned it off. (Waiting for late this year for Win7 before buying a new computer. Mine has 512mb Rambus and another 512 would cost about as much as a new computer!
  3. Installed Anniversary Edition some time ago and ran it before. Today attempted to run it and had popup window "failed to connect to service." Tried over a period of one hour with no change. Re-installed (which includes uninstalling), and it remains the same.
  4. Thanks and I've checked the link you provided that lists the updates and in the future that can be occasionally checked to ascertain if major changes have been made.
  5. Thanks and your method works -- the program opens. Is this an error in this one update, or can I expect a repeat with every update?
  6. Same as Cline reported, when attempt to open AE receive window - connection error - failed to connect to service. Upgraded from version to 8.0.7 with the same result. Perhaps their servers are down today????
  7. Changing Lavasoft adware service from auto to manual does not allow ad-aware to restart, even after a reboot. It goes through the motions with the splash screen loading, but then dies. Adwatch Live, updates, & Scan are off, as well as the taskbar icon. I've read the updated notes which apparently indicate that it should not be consuming any resources, yet aawservice.exe is consuming considerable memory
  8. No, the Installer hasn't been changed -- and not sure I would know how -- are you speaking of Windows Installer or is it one that comes with AdAware? At any rate, will watch it when I attempt to re-install version AE later today.
  9. Thanks, and since I'm back on version 7 later today when time will reinstall 8 and give it a try prior to using a prior True Image.
  10. All 3 modules were turned off. Plus there's no longer an icon in the taskbar since it's gone thanks to the help from I believe Casey. Went back to version and it immediately updated to xxx.12 and now am back to the nag screen to update to 8. Might as well since have found that with 12 it's also necessary to keep the process running. I don't recall that from prior versions, but perhaps so -- does anyone have knowledge of prior versions?
  11. You're certainly correct as to crippling the program. All that's seen is the splash screen for a few seconds, then nothing. Guess at this juncture my choice is to go back to which is found on MajorGeeks.
  12. Using Revo, ended the task bar icon as prior suggested. However the process aawservice.exe continues to run. If delete it from task mgr, it immediately returns. Don't find reference to it in Revo. Difficulty is with limited memory, and memory usage for this exe is 6,688, with 175 handles. Again, have been through setup and disabled everything I can find. Wanted to use the program as before, to run prior to taking an image; however, apparently the program has grown and includes several running protection items -- which would be OK, if it could be stopped and restarted.
  13. Apparently one must install another program just to get the first one to work properly. At the moment, no thanks, I'll just leave it uninstalled and depend on other programs I've been using. Miles
  14. Upgraded to version 8 and it continues to run. Attempted to follow instructions as provided in the pinned msg: 1) Uncheck the 2 items do not auto check for updates. 2) Live - unchecked the 3 live modules. Small info window -- OK, and it closes. 3) What the devil is "'Revo uninstaller'* /Tools/Autorun manager"? Something in Pro version only? I have the free version. 4) Open Windows Task Mgr and disable 3 AAW entries, including task bar icon. They immediately jump back in. Reboot, no change. So how is it done with the free version? For the moment guess I'll uninstall as am quitting for the night and need the memory in the morning.