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  1. ad aware ann edition smart scan will not run. I use win xp with ZA security suite. Have tried turning off ZA but still will not run on smart scan. The ann edition has never ran since it first was available. I have removed and reinstalled but still will not run past about 21xx files. It will run if I use profile scan and do not test the critical files. Any help is appreciated gok
  2. No I do not have both versions installed. I uninstalled the 2008 version and installed new ad aware ann edition by itself. Then when it failed to make a complete scan I uninstalled new 2009 version and reinstalled old 2008. It works like it is supposed to. Have been suspicious that the register has something hung but have not tried the cleaners you suggest . I will try the Revo Uninstaller. Hope it works.
  3. have win xp sp3 cannot complete scan if I use smart scan. scan will freeze on documents and settings nero backupschedule3.log. has also froze on other file in documents and settings folder. Can scan okay if use profile scan without critical area scan. Have uninstalled and reinstalled several times with no improvement. Any ideas?? Ad-aware 2008 still works okay.
  4. I have the same problem. Never been able to make a full scan. Ad-aware anvsry edition Program stops on downloader\qmgr0.dat. Have uninstalled and reinstalled several times still no full scan.
  5. have same problem with freeze while scanning but freezes at documents and settings\wnloader\qmgr0.dat. My old 2008 version worked fine. Where is the SVI folder? I will try the context scan. gok Hi why do you want to scan the System Volume Information ? I don't think that's the problem of your pc. Install 'HijackThis'*, run a scan and copy paste the logfile in your next reply. Regards Raziel Please see attached Hi Jack This log. Thanks for your help gok hijackthis.log Mod.Edit/merged and moved f. analysis/Raziel