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  1. Thanks Casey, That puts my mind at ease, Regards...oldad
  2. Not sure that I have or have not goofed. Until just now I have had AdAware- AE which expires Feb 2011 Opened prog just now and noted update free to newest AdAware..So I did but now I have AdAware Plus 8.1.0 Have I screwed up or am I ahead of the game? Thanks in advance oldad
  3. Many Thanks Visitor and Casey Boy, AAWTRAY.exe is running in Task Manager, however I found that it was unchecked in msconfig, It is now rechecked,,,updated and the icon is back. oldad
  4. Every time I select Web Update, it functions perfectly but on finish the Icon disappears and no longer appears in the Tray. The only way I have found to getit back is to double click the large desktop Icon, Is there any way to prevent this disappearing act? Is this normal or am I doing somethng wrong? Thanks in advance
  5. Thanks Visitor, Thats the only place I failed to lookin If it had been a snake I would have been bitten Regards
  6. In msconfig startup I have AAWTRAY unchecked but the icon reappears on bootup or after a scan and if I select Exit this will disable the program. I cannot find any option to remove this icon from the tray Any suggestions appreciated Thanks in advance
  7. Thanks Visitor, I was just getting ready to post that I had found the answer After a scan and objects found, I was playing around with clicking and found that the two little cheverons in the far right corner when selected the cookies info pops up for each cookie.
  8. In my old AdaWare Plus when objects found it showed the type cookie and I could , highlite and or double click the Cookie detected and I could see a discription of the cookie and the originator. Now in Plus Retail version as example one found is listed under Family as "Privacy Object". also undear TAI is the figure 1 which doesnt tell me much.. Is it possible to determine what this Privacy Object might be, possibly similar to the older Plus with the shortest number of steps? Thanks in advance
  9. I have Kaspersky Internet Security wirh Anti Virus and this is running, Is it safe to have the , Adaware Anti Virus Engine running at the same time,? I currently have it unchecked Thankyou in advance. Oldad
  10. Thanks Peter, It does ,and I appreciate the info which clear up my question Best Regards, oldad
  11. Thanks for the fast reply Peter: When I click on the desktop for Adaware , a small box(window) titled Adaware opens and at the bottom is "Loading definitions This remains for some 40-60 seconds and then the regular Adaware window opens. I seem to remember having read somewhere that this delaly in loading definitions is caused by the great number of continuing new definitions, however this doesn't sound right because the other Spyware, and security programs : Spysweeper, Kaspersky,Windows Defender and Malware , etc etc do not have the same delay problem in opening the main page. Best regards
  12. Is it normal to take some 45-60+ seconds to load definitions Thanks in advance
  13. \ Ditto big face. Since the hang does not occur while Win Defender , Spybot , or Trendmicro Int Sec are running, it proves that Spy Sweeper is at fault.
  14. I have and use Ad-Aware SE plus; Spybot; Win Defender; and SpySweeper. with no problems until this week after update. I just updated to ver 5.0 Spysweeper Prior to this when I ran AdAware in any scan mode it performed with no problem . But after update to Spysweeper 5.0 AdAware hangs after about 2200 files scanned.This in any scan mode. I can exit Spysweeper ( leaving Spybot and Win Defender open and active) and then AdAware completes scan with no problem, its just with SpySweeper. I have emailed Lavasoft support and SpySweeper re any possible configuration setting I might change to solve the conflict...but no reply to date. Does anyone have any suggestions which might clear up the conflict with these two programs? Thanks in advance oldad