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  1. I am running Windows XP Pro, 2nd Addition, and Firefox Browser [latest update]. Ad-Aware AE is configured to start-up whenever I reboot or restart Windows. I do a manual scan daily, and each scan has shown 'no problem'. However, when the 'Main' window of Ad-Aware AE [free version] opens, it always shows 'last scan date' as several days ago; it never seems to change, although I have scanned [always a deep scan] several days after the date shown there. As a free edition user, I know that I am unable to schedule a daily scan, but I do not understand why the 'last scan date' is not updated automatically. Can anyone help me, so that it really does show the last date on which I scanned? I have tried 'exporting' each of the scan results to a file in 'My Documents', but it hasn't made a difference. [i do get a 'notepad' file that lists the proper scan date and the results. Thanks. kimjord
  2. Once again, thanks for everything. What you say does make sense; in fact, since I removed Norton Anti-Virus, it loads in the system tray more often than not. I have checked the 'processes running', and both AAW Sevice.exe and AAW Tray.exe are both showing. So, I now have confidence that the program is working. Re the Norton Removal Tool: I am aware of it, but I have an old program of Norton's--'Go Back'- which is still working, and I am afraid of deleting it as well if I use the Removal Tool. I really appreciate all the time you have devoted to my problem. It is good to know that such help is available. Kimjord
  3. In fact, I uninstalled Norton Anti-Virus 2009 yesterday, and replaced it with AVG Anti-virus [free edition]. Still no difference; twice now since the change, the Ad Watch icon failed to load in the system tray. The Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition main window loads on start-up [onto the desktop] and states that all systems are working. When I close it, there is still no icon in the system tray.All other start-up items are working fine and opening in the system tray. No matter what the desktop shows, if it is not in the system tray, how do I know that the software is protecting me? Should I just uninstall the Anniversary Edition, then download it and install it again? I hate to keep bothering you; you have been most helpful. Thanks for your help, kimjord
  4. Casey, Yes, AAW Tray.exe IS showing as a process. As noted earlier, there is also an 'Ad-Watch AAWTray.exe' showing as a start-up item in the start-uo menu. Thanks for your help. kimjord
  5. Thanks for your help. However, when I accessed the notification area, as you instructed, Ad-Aware wasn't even listed there, so I could not change its 'behaviour'. Ad-Aware [with the Anniversary Edition icon] is listed in my 'start-up' menu as 'Ad-Aware GUI' :Ad-Aware.exe. There is a second item in the start-up menu--Ad-Watch: Ad-Aware.exe. Could there be a conflict here? I am running either Firefox [the latest] or Internet Explorer 6, but usually Firefox. The 'main' tab on the Anniversary Edition's opening window says that 'Adwatch' is 'on'. I am able to manually run scans and manually update without any problem. Can I try something else? What about uninstalling the entire program and then reinstalling it? Any further suggestions most welcome. kimjord
  6. I am running Wiindows XP Pro ,SP2 and use Firefox browser. I have added Ad-Aware AE [free] to the start-up menu. When I boot [or restart] my computer, the Main Adaware Anniversary Edition window comes onto my screen. Everything is listed as OK, including 'Adwatch is ON'. About 85% of the time, the Adwatch icon fails to appear in my system tray, either before or after I minimize the main window. How can I make sure that the icon appears all the time? I am running Norton Anti-Virus 2009 which also begins at Start-up. Thanks for any suggestions. kimjord