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  1. Yep this seemed to do the trick too. The only difference I noticed is that Vista still asks for program permission when I would click on web update, but at least this time there would be no connection error - it just downloaded as it should. Fairly easy to do in the interim until Lavasoft fixes the glitch and includes the patch in an update.
  2. Well Kheldan's procedure did the trick!.. I didn't have a shadowed backup, nor could I locate it via casey_boys suggested directory, but after a good samaritan e-mailed me a copy of the previous version of the AAWService.exe file (march 9/09 signature), I was able to: -> Shut down Ad-Aware -> "Stop" the Lavasoft Ad-Aware service through the services menu -> Overwrite the updated AAWService.exe file with the previous version (which I had saved in a different directory... copy 'n paste) -> "Start" the Lavasoft Ad-Aware service through the services menu -> Start up Ad-Aware and web update as normal Of course, once updated, the old glitch comes back since Lavasoft has not addressed this issue, but at least I'm dealing with an up-to-date version as far as scanning my system for malicious files is concerned.. And I'm assuming that once Lavasoft DOES fix this error, that it will automatically be corrected on my end with one of these updates. ...Maybe they'll also fix the "error" of a Lavasoft Ad POP-UP??? I find it ironic that a program protecting us from such events is now doing the same thing. ps. Lavasoft, I don't need a pop-up to remind me to buy my mom flowers for mothers day by the way..... Thanks again Kheldan for finding a solution to this annoying update problem!!
  3. So I've tried what is suggested, and get to the previous versions tab. However, once I get there, it states that there are no previous versions available. I'm not sure if this gets cleaned out when I run programs like 12Ghosts wash, or if it's because of my version of Vista. Regardless - no previous version. Is there somewhere to download it from?
  4. Hi Kheldan, That resolution sounds like a reasonable way to update until they fix the problem. However, I'm not quite sure how to find a copy of the previous version of the AAWService.exe file? It's possible it's not retained on my computer at this point. Is there somewhere that file can be downloaded? Thanks for finding a "fix" for the problem.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I think I can download the definitions file manually from the website, but wasn't sure how to import it into Ad-Aware. The auto-update was much more convenient, so instead I was searching for a solution. I run AVG anti-virus. And spy-bot, but that one doesn't run in the background.
  6. I've been running Ad-Aware for many years now without problem, and upgraded to Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition when it came out. I've downloaded today's update to version 8.0.4 and now updating causes a connection error. I'm running windows Vista. Previously when I would update, I wouldn't have to grant permission through windows. With the latest version, clicking "web update" causes Vista to ask for Lavasoft Administrator Tool program permission -> I click "continue" -> Ad-aware update window pops up -> error window pops up stating "Connection error, check your settings" - I've turned off firewall and no change - I've tried to update using the Start -> Programs -> Lavasoft -> Ad-Aware -> Ad-Aware Updates and no change Any suggestions? Is this possibly a glitch with the new version?