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  1. Hey, where is new version?. That was big HALO on 25st august, then tiny message about "slight delay". Now is one month later and still nothing.
  2. Lavasoft is really crazy. I downloaded Ad-AwareAE.exe (ver. 8.0.0) from download.com (redirected from lavasoft pages). I installed this version, in the end of instalation AE update itself and then PC restart. After reboot AE start automatically - tray icon is on, but update works only from start -> programs -> lavasoft... , if i click on update icon in GUI nothing happen. I closed AE, then right click on tray icon and select exit program. If i start AE again, tray icon doesn't appear never more. So we have got new version, but issue is still not fixed. My system: Win XP SP3 Pro, Avast! home, standard win firewall. Deleted
  3. Two weeks with this problem and still no solution. Are employees morons, if they aren't able to solve this issue in few days? Lavasoft must be crazy.
  4. I begin to be angry, still no solution from Lavasoft. I installed .Net Framework 3.5, but nothing has changed. After installation starts update, then PC restarts and the tray icon is on it's place, but update from GUI doesn't work. After next restart tray icon disappear again. Someone wrote, that tray icon runs, if Ad-Watch Live! is enabled, but I don't want use next resident scanner. I want use Ad-Aware only for on demand scan!
  5. Hi guys, for first sorry for my english So when Lavasoft will repair this update issue? It's longer than week and still nothing is happen, no new version, no official statement from development team. I have got these problems with Ad-Aware AE Free after update to 8.0.4: 1. I can't update from application GUI, if I press update button, nothing happens, only way which works is start->programs->lavasoft->ad-aware updates... 2. tray icon disappear, aawtray.exe is not in processes I uninstalled ad-aware, delete folders in program files and all users/application data and clean registry with Ccleaner. Than I download Ad-AwareAE.exe from lavasoft pages (via Download.com). Install this ad-aware version 8.0.0 and everything is OK - tray icon is on, update button works. If i press update button, starts downloading of updates like coreaaw.exe, definition files, and many files with -izma in the end of name. After update ad-aware restart itself and the problem is back, no icon, no update. I have this programs: Win XP professional SP3, avast! home 4.8, Ad-Aware AE Free, windows firewall only.