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  1. Casey, thanks for the advice. I tried installing Ad-Aware AE, I still could not install McAfee. I removed Ad-Aware AE ,and that gave no change. McAfee still sees Ad-Aware SE Paersonal. So I'm still left with no antivirus software.
  2. I'm afraid that I'd already done this before coming to this forum, but thanks for the suggestion. There's really nothing on my PC which even hints of Lavasoft as far as I can detect.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I tried cleanmgr first, and that did not help. Next I did create a restore point and ran Windows Installation CleanUp Untility. There were no entries for Ad-Aware or Lavasoft in the list, so there no action I could take. The McAfee installer still says that Ad Aware SE Personal is present.
  4. Thanks for the replies. However, Windows Installer CleanUp Utility is not suposed to be used if you have Office 2007 installed (which I have). Any other ideas please?
  5. My ISP (BTinternet) has provided Symantec antivirus software as part of its broadband package. It has now moved to McAfee instead. When trying to install McAfee, the installer would not go ahead as Ad-Aware SE Personal was present on my PC. I deinstalled Ad-Aware program and removed all mention of Ad-Aware and Lavasoft from my registry and deleted all Lavasoft files on my PC. However, McAfee still will not install and keeps saying that Ad-Aware SE Personal is installed on my system. Are there further steps I can take to remove any residual trace of Ad-Aware from my system? Thanks for any help anyone is able to give me on this.