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  1. Hi again, Re connection problem: Full of hope I downloaded 8.0.6.... again to no avail. the Update issue remains. Using Windows VISTA SP2 Home Edition: Update with ADMIN Account gives Connection Error Update with Power User Account works fine.... Hope that Lavasoft gets this problem under control soon!!! Sincerely - O
  2. Hi Spike, Sorry for late reply... Attached pls find the update log... The update at 19:40 was made through the NON ADMIN Account --> Update OK The other three trials at around 19:50 were made with the ADMIN Account! --> Connection error I have Windows Vista Home, SP1 and Norton 360 Hope this helps. OM Update.log
  3. Hi to all, Was hoping that with the Update to AE 8.0.5 the connection problem would be solved... But it was false hope, the connex issue remains 100% identical, at least on my Vista Home Machine: Update works, when freshly logged in as Power User (NOT as ADMIN!) Update does NOT work, when signed in as ADMIN or if SWITCH Users was used... Seems it needs more Troubleshooting Regards to all OM EDIT: Merging similar topics into a single manageable thread. Spike
  4. Hi there, Yes - UAC is enabled With the NON-ADMIN Account: - right click the Taskbar Icon then UPDATE - the window requesting Admin PW opens minimized! - switch to this window - enter ADMIN User / PW - it runs through (at present it says (Software is already up-to-date) With the ADMIN Account - right click the Taskbar Icon then UPDATE - UAC pops up minimized.. - click Continue --> then connection error Same if done from Startmenu. Just realized another weird thing: above only works as long as i do not logon as the ADMIN User (Switch User)... Indeed, as soon that i loggedin (and out) as ADMIN and back to the normal account, i get the connex error also with the normal account. RESTART of the System will reset that - and with the normal account can update again! I cannot reproduce the above fact, since my software is now up-to-date... If you tell me how to redowngrade to a previous *.def then I can try to reproduce it on my Laptop ... Thanks and best regards Oli
  5. Casey and or Lavasoft Maybe its the wrong place to notify you of this. On my VISTA Home machine, webupdate seem to work when I am logged in as NON-ADMINISTRATOR, but gives the Error when logged in with the Admin Account... Is this reproduceable your side? Oli
  6. Hi to all, Have same issue on two DELL LAPTOPS with same setup... Connection Error, check your settings pops up from both the Taskbar Icon and from the Start menu... I have: VISTA HOME PREMIUM; SP1 Adaware Free Anniversary Edition 8.0.4 Norton 360; v Update Log attached. Looking forward to fast fix to this issue - especially, since now manual intervention is needed. @ Javacat, I have moved your post to a new topic. Casey Update.log