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  1. i have 9.07 running on Windows XP64 and does the same thing. I did notice that the update starts then AAW closes/crashes after the update gets to thorax.aaw. [quote name='Kelo' post='128141' date='Jul 11 2011, 07:38 AM']I'm running Win7 Ultimate and Ad-Aware 9.0.7 closes unexpectedly but only sometimes leaves an error report. This happened prior to installing Win7 from Vista. I've uninstalled, re-installed, uninstalled, reinstalled - you get the picture. Lavasoft can't help. I've tried stopping as many programs/processes as possible and tried to find the program/processes that might be affecting it but it still shuts down. I'm seriously fed up with this and may well not buy it again even though I actually like it - when it works.[/quote]
  2. [quote name='CeciliaB' post='127330' date='Jun 8 2011, 01:28 PM']Hi maps3333, I have moved your post from a separate topic to this one since it is about the same issue. Why don't you want Ad-Aware to protect your computer? Which Ad-Aware version do you have?[/quote] sorry, it can protect the computer but not do what ever it does when I am busy doing something else. I actually think that it doesn't need to sit in memory/stay resident all the time. As I play an intensive online computer game, it gets irritating when the game slows down to a crawl when another program wants to do its thing. I have 9.0.6. I thought I had it 0setup to where Windows would run it daily in the mornings. I just setup a schedule in the Ad-Aware Scheduler. I shall see if that works.
  3. aawservice.exe still getting loaded into task list and making the harddrive run like a sonofabitch when not told to...
  4. how do i prevent aawservice.exe from showing up in the task manager when there is no need for it to be there.
  5. maps3333

    update fail

    when trying to update after reinstall, update fails. Specifically after done downloading update, it tries to reinitialize but there is a connection error. screen capture is attached. what could be causing this error message. Other then updating this Ad-aware, I have no problems on the internet.
  6. ok so nobody knows. interesting.
  7. how do i get adaware to stay out of the processes list ? This is ##### when I remove it from processes list and it keeps popping back in. Total #####.
  8. why would you need another uninstaller when windows already comes with an uninstaller? I will add my two cents and say that Ad-aware is getting so ridiculously irritating its not even worth it anymore. With Ad-Aware completely shut down and out of the systray and processes task list. it still finds a way to start up and take over the system. Lavasoft, you are working your way out of business.
  9. If there are cookies that are bieng saved on the harddrive and Ad-aware is finding them, how can I find out where they are? They are not being saved in the Windows cookies folder. Ad-aware is finding 50 insightexpressai cookies and I can't find wehre they are being saved. I use Firefox and my web browser.
  10. I usually keep the aawservice.exe disabled for no interuptions during game play but I enabled it and then was able to get Ad-aware to open. I can't recall having to enable the aawservice.exe before to get the Ad-Aware to run. thanks for the help
  11. [quote name='casey_boy' post='113326' date='Nov 14 2009, 04:14 PM']Did you log in first and is your licence still valid?[/quote] I have never had to "log in" to the application. I usually just click the icon on the desktop then it opens. So now after the Ad-Aware AE banner the windows says "Unable to connect to service" Windows apps dont usally make you "log in?
  12. [quote name='casey_boy' post='113264' date='Nov 12 2009, 04:06 PM']Yep, definitely a HJT log please. It sounds as though there are some hidden trojans possibly downloading new trojans. Go ahead and post in the HJT forum and just tell them that Ad-Aware can't complete a scan.[/quote] I also get "Failed to connect to service" when trying to open Ad-Aware. Where are the HJT forums?
  13. [quote name='casey_boy' post='113185' date='Nov 11 2009, 05:38 AM']Hi, I would recommend contacting the support team. Log in here: [url=""][/url] (top left) Then click on the button which says Contact Support Staff (right)[/quote] there is no button that says "Contact Support Staff". only a link and button for "Live Help" which is NOT Lavasoft support.
  14. What is malicious about yahelite? I have been using it for years and know who the creator is.
  15. Ad-aware License Type is Free and License expires Never I am running Windows XP 64 Pro. and again today Ad-Aware started up again by its self at the wrong time putting the icon in systray. I have uninstalled Ad-aware till this gets straightened out.