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  1. I lost my emails but had my critical files backed up. ################data deleted############## I was able to download updates until a few weeks ago, well past Dec 2007. DougPlumb I passed the info through to CalamityJane. I delete the data in this Topic to secure your privacy. Raziel
  2. Can I get the license number from the software and send it to you this way ? I may have bought it last year. Is there any way of determining that I am a licensed user without my purchase info ? Can I send you a file from the software ? I have lost my transaction record due to HD crash. It seems strange that my license would suddenly run out at this time. This happens to people all the time. I always have to send people info so that they can re-license my software...
  3. I bought Adware SE a few years ago and it downloaded definitions files until a few weeks ago. I have recently learned that SE went out of date and this is why it will longer load definitions files. I see on this site that I can get Adware AE free of charge but cannot log into the customer support page in order to get this. I typed both possible emails into the support forum to get my password but the email is not registered. How can I get this Adware AE ? This is incredibly frustrating because it has taken me hours to get to this point, after giving up on getting support from Adware and trying to find another software that works as well. I have actually bought a competitors package I became so frustrated with this company and their support. Can this be made easy ? Where is my license number in Aware SE - maybe this will work to logon to support. Please respond to {email removed to protect your privacy}