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  1. I just downloaded the latest Free version of AdAware and installed it on my computer. I have been having problems with some particularly bothersome Ad/Spy/Mal - Ware and just need it GONE! I had used AdAware (to my great satisfaction) in the past and I attempted to use my older version (se) to clear the "XWare". It scanned the system and successfully return a list of suspicious files. No problem ... when I hit "Quarantine" the progress bar would quickly fill up and then it would sit there, full, for HOURS. I could not close the app or perform any function other than looking ta the list of infected files and cookies, etc. I figured ... "eh ...old version" ... so I uninstalled the old version and downloaded and installed the newest Anniversary Edition. Again I executed the scan which went off without a hitch. After being prompted with a list of infected and compromised files, I hit the "Perform Actions Now" button ... AGAIN it appears to do nothing. Only the tiny animated icon in the system tray reveals that anything is going on at all (no progress bar!?) ... and it just says ... "Preparing to Clean" ... for 12 hours now, that is all it has said. I installed the Anniversay Edition and ran it on a second machine (both WinXP) and it ran and cleaned up without a problem. Any help would be very much appreciated. I am still getting these annoying popups every 5 minutes!! Thanks, Gary