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  1. After installing AA 11.4 I couldn't use my ebook managment application, Calibre. All functions were blocked as malicious software eventhough I have used Calibre over a year and have entered and worked with 2k ebooks. I have Calibre entered into the list of allowed applications but still get malicious software blocks on all attempted funtions in Calibre. I have reinstalled both AA and Calibre without success. I have deleted Calibre from the application list and have reentered. Still not working. Anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions? Addendum: I stopped AA for a few minutes while entering, editing, and converting some ebooks and my ebook manager worked perfectly on all functions on the same functions blocked by AA. The culprit seems to be AA's Net Protection>Applications Rules function. It doesn't allow those features to run, labeling them as malicious software. Would like a fix asap since I use Calibre daily.
  2. I have been having the same problem downloading and installing updated definitions. I manually downloaded last week and again this week the problem continues. Went back to manually download and they are the same as last week's definitions. Is this being worked on? Regards, panos