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  1. pls as i need ad aware 2 update is any1 else finding that there's won't update?? and if how they have solved it i would be so grateful. thanx x
  2. I used ad aware 2007 then 2008 and was reluctant to change it!! but because it will not up date all the time so I thought what can be the worst thing about the 2009 version that I cant use it and take it off and go back to the 2008 with all the messing around not updating then updating so I put the 2009 version on and it is sooooo easy to use and has more protection than 2008 I would say to any1 having trouble updating on the 2008 version to put the 2009 version on its so simple to use im made up I put it on hope this helps xxx
  3. hiya i deleyed you by accident but found you and re added you. I have put the 2009 version on its so easy 2 use and has ad watch protection free so update i was scared but i loveeeeeeee it now so glad i updated and if u need any help i will help u xxx

  4. Hiya I have used the ad a ware 2008 version and before that ad aware 2007 but keep having loads of problems with it up dating and not up dating so ive been really reluctant to put on ad aware 2009 but I have and it is so easy to use and has ad watch protection free I suggest you change to the 2009 version its not as hard as it looks. good luck
  5. I've been getting the same this happened a few weeks ago and then it started updating again but then on the 27th mine stopped working again saying the same thing but I am connected. I have seen that sum1 has said give it a few day's and they think it will start updating again so hope this is right.I don't like the 2009 version/anniversary version it seems so complicated.
  6. hiya my ad aware 2008 stopped working a few weeks ago then restarted updating again but then 3 day's ago it is saying the same as last time which is cannot connect 2 server but I am connected. This is so annoying I don't like the ad aware 2009 version/anniversary edition it seems so complicated so when I saw what you wrote I thought yeyy it might start working again. If mine start's updating I will let u know and can u tell me when and if ur's starts updating again I would be very grateful thanx and hope that our ad aware starts updating again soon xxx;) thanx pixibellxxx
  7. My ad aware 2008 stopped updating a while ago then it started updating again which I was really pleased about but 3 day's ago it stopped updating again and is saying the same as last time connection 2 server failed which is wrong as I am connected!!! this is so annoying can any1 pls help me as I need 2 update my ad aware. I don't like the 2009 version/anniversary edition it seems so complicated. I'm hoping like last time that the problem will get sorted but as of today it has'nt.
  8. hiya, since I last posted a topic my ad aware started updating and has been up until last night now it is again sying connection 2 server failed but like last time I am connected. It is so annoying I can't get 2 grips with the ad aware 2009/anniversary edition it seems so complicated. have you sorted out ur problem with ad aware if u have/do can u let me know and I will let u know if I find ou

  9. Hiya I puton that my Ad Aware 2008 would not update and had'nt for about a week! But 3 day's ago I thought i'll just see if it will update and it did;) and my updates are working now:) so if u have been experiencing the same problem it seem's the problem was at lavasoft and they have sorted it now;) so hope the people that were having the same problems that thier's will be ok now as well. pixxibellxxx
  10. My Ad Aware 2008 as of a week ago will not update!! It goes to the update part then after a while says connection to server failed but that isnt right because I am connected and I am online can any 1 please help me!!. I would be grateful pixibellxxx
  11. thanx pixibell xxx that should be on the end sorry new at this!!lol xx

  12. Hiya, As of three or more day's ago my adaware 2008 has stopped updating. It say's connection 2 server failed but that cant be right because I am online. I don't like the 2009 version it seem's complicated that's why I like the 2008 version. If I find out how to solve this problem I will let u know and would be grateful if you find out could you please help me and let me know a