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  1. Nice..I didn't see the Symantec volunteer...I will most probably recognize him, if I notice him...I also see my friend Mieke from the MBAM Team forum is posting here.. All the best spike-nz. Thanks for the discussion. TrDo.
  2. Hi spike-nz, I could always trade some product functionality and errors (well, we can discuss the critical ones), for a really decent product and troubleshooting support. Since I see that you expressed your opinion openly to me, I will do so also. My main AV engine is NIS09. With all its resource drawbacks and its good points also. I'm quite happy about it. But what can I say about their support. Terrible. Less than zero. They also charge you for it (removal only). Further: in some cases it has been reported that their remote support (I can provide the links if you want), tried to remove (small) competitors products (like the very decent WinPatrol, which I also use by the way), when Norton users called in for a supported session. Even, if you visit the Spybot S&D site, you will see complaints from the extremely decent developers of S&D, about Symantec and their course of action about free products and competition in general. Do I like Symantec? No. I think that they behave arrogantly, and at the same time their support not only has fallen below zero, but they have also moved their support to India (have nothing with Indians what so ever), and it's evident from what users say that the personel there are not technically competent at all. There is a "but" coming now. BUT, knowing their defficiencies what Symantec did was to develop a GREAT users forum, with experts,...etc, and what else? EXTEREMELY ACTIVE participation, substantial not theoretical, from "actual" Symantec staff. You can go there with a mountain of issues, and leave the forum a happy bunny. The information flow is incredibly accurate and fast, both ways, and things are getting done. I mean, its rocking. People do not use one click free support; instead they come in the forum. This is not my impression in here. And of course you are right. High expectations are for high end products. I would therefore expect Lavasoft staff to rock with their presence in the forums. Not to rock with their absence and the "never-mind" attitude. We would not be having this conversation if we were taking about a small time product and a small time company. Thanks. TrDo.
  3. Hi Visitor and GoddersUK, First of all allow me to thank you for your reply. I do understand and value your good intentions and the free support (out of your free time) that you offer AdAware users here. My point was that for someone (a volunteer, as in your case) to troubleshoot and support users, at an acceptable level, would have to have decent support from the parent company. I believe this is missing in this particular case. Not only due to the lack of their presence, but also due to their lack of their ability to complement you in difficult cases, like a hosed pc. Further, it looks like this (hosed pc) has happened in more than one occasion (during removal), and this "more than once occuring heavy incident" would classify this problem category as a serious on-going problem, that Lavasoft should consider looking into. I don't know what has been causing this. Maybe False positives. Thus, if someone tries to remove them, maybe he accidentally drains a system file/reg key. This has to be looked into. Not by you. You can only draw attention to it, to the people responsible. I understand this. Now, the "sleeping part" (in my original post) was directly related to the Lavasoft staff, and not to you. And please don't joke about it. Because you have to remember that if it was your pc, you wouldn't joke about it. I still believe that, these kind of low and "never-mind attitude" customer support levels are putting the average user (like me) off from trying the product it self. And without getting into management and business models, I also believe that Lavasoft could come-up with a viable solution to support users with hosed pcs', most importantly when happend during virus removal with their software. But hey, this is my opinion. Thank you, and please do not take this personally. I'm sure you see where am getting. TrDo.
  4. Hello everyone, I have been following this forum for a while now. I wanted to try Ad-Aware software Anniversary Ed, as an added layer of security on my pc. I already run a couple of other AV+Am solutions on it. I am amazed to read how many people after using Ad-Aware, got their PC Hosed. The experts here had no real solution to offer, except what anyone else would say, like for example: use the manufacturer's cd, boot into safe mode, etc. I don't believe this is an expert responsible opinion, especially in the light of how many users suffering and not been able to use their pc. Obviously this is not a first time it happens, and Lavasoft should have come up with a solution. Imagine trying to remove a virus with your anti-malware/adware app and getting your pc hosed. How irresponsible is that on Lavasoft's behalf? People are coming here because you have deprived them of the ability and the right for a decent free technical service support, because they use the free product Ad-Aware. Fine. Does that mean that you have to destroy their pc's too? No. So, you either come up with a solution, or stop giving away a free product that can cause damage. And on top of that, providing "expert"opinions that anyone who's not an expert can give. I will not be downloading the product, even to try. My pc and anyone's pc is a "tool" these days and a "valuable friend" to be left to rather good intentions but irresponsible and non-existant support by Lavasoft. And before you give me some "high techie" geeky answers like: if you don't like it don't try it, please think about all of these people who have tried it and you cannot provide them with a solution, and while you sleep quietly...some people are trying to get their pc back to their feet again... And no, I'm not supporting any competitor products. I'm just somone who's trying to get some extra security on his pc. I'm sorry to see such a good company coming to this rather disoriented and disorganised life-stage. I believe the least you can do to boost your sales and consumer confidence back to the right track, is to provide Free Technical Support. Thank you for giving the chance to put another view into discussion. I hope that you will not remove the post, so users and experts can place their views. TrDo. P.S. Wll done KayleeSwift for coming up with a solution...for getting your hosed pc back into action!;#entry105229