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  1. Spike, Thanks for the help. The problem is that, as shown in the log above, the actual detection shows absolute nothing. Also, I have nothing in Quarantine or Ignore. That was why I was trying to find out what file it submitted. I have to think that some where in the Ad-aware files there is some sort of record of what it submitted to Threatwork. But I could be wrong. I just ran Adaware again .. both Short and full versions... and, this time, it found nothing. Until yesterday I was clean. Yesterday it did the above twice. Today it found nothing again. Well, I guess I will have to wait to see if it happens again. Perhaps it was some sort of Temp file that was deleted by some program. I swear computers hate me! Thanks for the help. TMCD PS... Always wanted to see New Zealand and Australia .... beautiful countries. EDIT: I've tidied up your reply by removing the quoted copy of my post - to reply without quoting the post above each time, please use the "Add Reply" button in the bottom right of the page (next to "New Topic").
  2. I am trying to find out what file/item Ad-Aware AE found that was suspicious and was submitted to Threatwork. Yesterday, I did a full scan. The Scan detected nothing but did want to submit something suspicious to Threatwork. I canceled and scanned again with the same result ... so I let it submit to Threatwork. HOWEVER .... is is bothering me ... I want to find out what the file, or other item, is that Ad-Aware AE found that was suspicious .. my problem is that I can not figure out how to find what the name of the file or item was that was submitted. Nothing seems to be in any detection logs. Question ... How do I find out what it was that was suspicious and was submitted? I created a TXT file of the log ... here is the result so you can see that it detected nothing ... yet something was submitted to Threatwork .... ******************************** Scan results: ********************************* Scan profile name: Full Scan (ID: full) Objects scanned: 189739 Objects detected: 0 Type Detected ========================== Processes.......: 0 Registry entries: 0 Hostfile entries: 0 Files...........: 0 Folders.........: 0 LSPs............: 0 Cookies.........: 0 Browser hijacks.: 0 MRU objects.....: 0