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  1. whenever i do a scan i usually get cookies called live365 always appearing in double i always click to remove them. Why do they keep appearing?
  2. dont want to make a extra thread about this so im going to ask it here. If i bought adaware pro, i see its on sale 50% can i put it on my laptop and desktop too? because i would definitely get it if i dont have to buy an extra license for my laptop. If i only had a desktop computer i would still get it but i find it a drag to buy 2 license's when im 1 user
  3. can someone explain this to me. How does the free version have real-time protection as advertised when everything on my free version indicates that i dont have any real-time protection. The ad-watch icon is greyed out the ad-watch section is greyed out and it says real-time protection off in red colors. I know it states on the webpage basic integrated protection but is there something that at least shows that there is basic integrated protection
  4. excellent got it to work. Just 1 more question do the previous updates get overidden/deleted or do i have to manually delete the previous updates
  5. holy crow i just saw all the threads n posts about this issue, u would figure lavasoft would of fixed it by now......its ok though i like lavasoft ad-aware so ill just inactivate ad-aware untill the problem gets fixed. Hopfully you guys can fix it soon because ad-aware is one of my fav security softwares
  6. ???i did i dont see how thats helping my particular issue of letting the program install updates by clicking on the button, am i missing something?
  7. i went to setting to put automically update my software but it doesnt do it? and it says on the main status page ''update recommended'' so i manually tried to install a update but it says connection error check your settings? can someone help me because i dont know what to do here to update my ad-aware