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  1. As Emily Letiva on Saturday Night would say:"NEVER MIND"! A reboot after "enabling" Ad Aware in the "Startup Type" in "Services" has allowed it to run. Now I'll do a scan to be sure. Thanks anyway for reading my rant. Ed
  2. I have downloaded the Anniversary edition and installed it three times with the same result (is the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?). That result is that I get the splash screen and then a message that "connection error failed to connect to service". I had the previous Anniversary edition and never had a problem. I disabled Nortons firewall. I followed the suggested things to try (it is running on XP!) I did the browser thing to the definitions file and saw hiroglyphics. I am willing to let these guys poke around in my computer in the interest of fixing the problem because they have given me years of adaware protection on my computer. Keep one thing in mind if you send me a list of things to try: I am an old coot with limited knowledge of the depths of programs (but I am not an idiot so you don't need to tell me to do start, control panel, admin, services to do stuff. The prog was disabled but I changed it to enabled).