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  1. Yeah, sounds like we got a bit combined on topics. I agree that spybot immunization probably isn't the issue either. Doesn't look like they have any mirrors, and i think that may be some of the issue. It always seems to go to the same IP address for updates, and if i block it, the updates fail without trying any "alternate IP's" the IP it tries is : maybe others can test this out as well and see if their issue can't be narrowed down even more, or if they are going to alternate ip addresses for updates? also to narrow things down more, Ad-Aware does seem to use a different server on install. which may explain why people get it installed, but then can't run updates. I renamed core.aawdef and tried to start the program, and it sat there on the "loading screen" for a while, and my log shows it accessing which is a Limelight Network Server. once it downloaded it then it started up. so it's possible it may access more than one server on install, but then goes to the same one for everyone for updates. If others could test this out and Lavasoft could chime in, maybe the issue can be resolved once and for all?
  2. seems a few people are having this issue lately. when you installed it, did you have any options for a custom install where you could have it not try and update itself during install? second, do you have a HIPS program, or an AV program possibly blocking the service install portion? Have you looked at the Event viewer to see if it shows any errors?
  3. I would say a trend developed a long time ago, but they are failing to act on it. it is on their server side. Either they don't have an IT guy who can fix it, or they can't/won't upgrade their old slow hardware. Everything is slow when it comes to them, the updates are slow downloading, and this place is slow. The fact that this is the ONLY program that i have to give my router special permission for their IP address in order for the updates to work properly says it all. I'd bet that the majority of people without issues don't have much in the way of a firewall, since the updates seem to rely on pings, and since most software and hardware files tend to block that, the lavasoft servers sit there continuing to wait for reply's before continuing to send packets. It would be nice to see them have other places host the update file, similar to spybot. i suspect that would alleviate a large majority of issues. even if they can pick a host elsewhere to have them and allow a "test" of participants to have the program update from that host instead should show a major improvement. 6+ months of issues and they haven't resolved it yet? come on.
  4. If the above link options don't work, try my idea here: http://www.lavasoftsupport.com/index.php?s...mp;#entry106942 bottom line is they don't have there servers set up correctly, and apparently after 6 months just aren't willing to fix it. i outlined the issue, but they haven't apparently done it yet. the short answer is that this is the only program i've ever had to add a special rule in my firewall for to get the updates to work. even though they have slow servers as well, i can still get updates each time now.
  5. Yeah, EVERYTHING is slow about these guys. they need new servers, or need to offload some of this to other servers, especially some in the U.S. At least my downloads work now, but they take a couple of hours. whatever they are doing on their server end needs to be fixed, since no other software program i have ever used has needed special permission on my firewall settings to allow special replies. They need a new IT person.
  6. Okay, may have figured out why a lot of people are having problems, while the Lavasoft techs can't figure it out. they are probably trying to solve the issue "within" there own network. First: I have NO problems with any other program downloading updates. Now having said that, i decided to log my router info and check it. sure enough, i had the following entries: Blocked incoming TCP packet from to xxx.xx.xx.xxx as SYN:ACK received but there is no active connection as i said ALL other traffic works fine, as does the updating of everything else. i made a special rule to allow this ip and traffic, and the web updater worked quickly without issue. i've tried it a few times and i seems to connect quickly and say i am now up to date. I'd suggest to everyone to check your router or firewall log and look for this ip from them. looks like whatever it is that they are doing when sending the updates may be causing responses to get blocked. Not saying this will solve everyones problem, but it's a step in the right direction at least.
  7. C:\Program Data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\Defs for Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition
  8. These"fixes" aren't the issues, as most computers have these settings by default. it's the entire Lavasoft network that is the problem. The whole server is slow. pages are slow here, and i'm barely half way through a "manual" update, since the auto update fails every time. 4.3 Kb sec is pathetic. dial up is faster, which must be what they re running on????? instead of blaming installs and such, they need to fix the server problems. i can try updating any of the computers here, or one across town on a different ISP and the issues are the same. These are all "clean" computers and no, the firewalls aren't blocking anything. it almost seems like "new installs" get directed to a different server, but the auto updates don't. right now the manual download is just sitting there. It's IP is : it comes back to Lavasoft in Sweden. they either need new computers and/or a new service provider.