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  1. Hi Visitor, I saw your previous reply but still wanted to ask a different way in another forum. No disrespect intended and I'm certainly not trying to make posting here inefficient. It's simply like LS CalamityJane said, I don't see posts from business customers, or even a forum for that product. Possible reasons are either there are not many business customers, business customers are running non-business versions, or the business product runs great and users don't need help from other users. I'm just trying to get an honest feel for the stability of this product from other users in a business environment as it runs with another scanning program (SAVCE). Thanks for your assistance. Regards, Tom.
  2. Hi all and Lavasoft, First, has anybody here or any of your customers had any issues with running Ad-Aware along with Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition 10.x or running Ad-Aware along with Symantec Endpoint Protection? If so, what issues and are they resolved or still a problem? Also, is anybody running Ad-Aware Enterprise or the newly renamed Ad-Aware Business Edition? Is the management console worth it? We're evaluating two different malware products to run along with SAVCE. The centralized management console with Ad-Aware seems appealing. Regards, Tom.
  3. Good question davesch. I'm asking the same question about conflicts; but if anybody has had issues with Ad-Aware running along with Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition (version 10.1.x)?? Thanks, Tom.