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  1. May be a false positive because of UPX packer used by application https://virusscan.jotti.org/de-DE/filescanjob/qkwuuxo0rz https://www.virustotal.com/de/file/fac6a3e12ec6e6ac71611ec29ccf1a3ebbe9a14df9697f6ab2896d23d8b92ce4/analysis/1440845515/ Scan is reported as: Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT tsMuxerGUI.zip
  2. viruscan.jotti.org found nothing, these are old files (since several years on this machine). http://virusscan.jot...04b55307498e13e http://virusscan.jot...a6be2de1100ad1e runningScanLog.log VDKwin.zip VMDiskFactory.zip
  3. Same here. No more updates for 9.6.0?
  4. I'm using Ad-Aware (9.6.0) only as a compementary on-demand scanner together with my other antivirus software. So a 'slim' version of Ad-Aware would be nice which also works as a 'second defense line' on-demand scanner together with other antivirus software.
  5. You can add Nod32 to the list. During updating the definitions Ad-Aware also crashes with the same eror message. It would be very nice if Lavasoft could develop a complementary version of Ad-Aware which cold be run as an on-demand-scanner with other antivirus software as a second defense line. Thanks!
  6. [quote name='tjbinno' timestamp='1335551504' post='135048'] Great that you have added an anti-virus. But for those of us who want to remain with our trusted anti-virus, please make a more positive way of disabling your antivirus. Yes I know I can disable by setting (one or more) buttons, but even now I'm not sure if its completely turned off. You should provide an "anti-virus" on or off switch just as you provided many other options. [/quote] Me too. I always used Ad-Aware as an antispyware tool and made scans on demand. I don't want to unistall my other antivirus software to install Ad-Aware. So, is it possible to install Ad-Adware with disabled antivirus detection using another antivirus software?
  7. Reported as Trojan.Win32.Generic.pak!cobra but possibly a false positve. [url="http://virusscan.jotti.org/de/scanresult/af3c4382a3a415a7f0cf8fa4ba23fb90a00612c5/87d27ccd2bfc02166aab73f140d5a8d128ff11c2"]http://virusscan.jot...0d5a8d128ff11c2[/url]
  8. I now deinstalled version 8.3 completely and reinstalled 8.2.2. On the same machine, where 8.3 is slow like a snail, 8.2 now is fast and quick again. Also an intelligent scan now takes 4 min. again (over 30 min. with 8.3). Maybe, another example where a formerly fast and slim software is developped into bloatware. Will we get back something like 'Ad Aware light' (only scanning on demand) which isn't overloaded with functions no one really needs? (Hint: most users already use some antivirus software, so Ad Aware don't need an additional antivirus scan too).
  9. Same here: download speed isn't the problem, the download servers are fast. Problem is the slow start of the download manager and it takes veeeerrrry long 'applying updates'. In former versions the updates are applied in a few seconds, now it takes about half an hour even on a fast machine.
  10. Yes, sorry, Ad-Aware found c:\windows\system32\mfc70u.dll And URL for jotti is: http://virusscan.jotti.org/de/scanresult/c...8d1804c2b0f4c94 - kjz
  11. mfc70u.dll seems to be a false positive. Please also look at: http://virusscan.jotti.org/de/scanresult/a...4b13ed4b718d550 http://www.virustotal.com/de/analisis/06c4...a62d-1247842082 - kjz Moderator edit to correct file name Scan_2009_07_17_16_28_35.log mfc70u.zip