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  1. Thank you. Had a newer one that worked. Hard to keep track of the email and know what to search for.
  2. Sometimes you may have removed the tray program with msconfig. Goto start->run->type msconfig. In the startup programs tab, search for adaware among the programs and put the checkmark back. You then need to restart.
  3. Activation file request dbfcd712-dc49-43f4-9890-6c7b6eda4838.txt
  4. More files
  5. uploaded files Ad-Aware si.txt
  6. Someone else is having this problem in the forums. I'll get you the dumps later, haven't time. The error message is Activation failed. Your activation could not be completed, please try again later.
  7. Activation servers haven't been up for quite a while. Time to reboot?
  8. I have Vista Home Premium, had Ad-Aware 10.0. It was not part of the usual uninstall, just information for people on this forum.
  9. Doing the uninstall procedure outlined by Cecilia in this forum results in continous "Vipre uninstalled" and some replys after every startup. To remedy, simply turn off user account control (Control Panel->User Accounts) and make the replys for one boot. Then, turn UAC back on and you should be free of the replys.
  10. Managed to get it uninstalled by first installing the first 10 version released (had it on a different computer) no longer on It leaves some type of sunbelt driver and I could not install Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus. I don't think this is any longer your problem. Thanks for the quick reply.
  11. I had it installed but tried to uninstall it and got Error 1500, install in progress. I have been trying to reinstall, because past versions allowed uninstall after reinstall (and had the same problems). I cannot uninstall nor reinstall. I would like to get it off my computer.
  12. My real problem is that I want to uninstall AdAware 10. When trying, I get Error 1500, another install in progress or something similar. Won't I get BSODs if I uninstall as outlined in these forums? Would be hard to rebuild this windows; have about 100 programs.
  13. Installer in version 10 gets no further than finding temp file ad-aware installer.exe. Can you send me the file? Have a space in the user name.
  14. Got your password, thank you. I have good news and bad news. The good news is that with the new version of AdAware on the malware infested vista computer, AdAware doesn't terminate any longer. The bad news is that on another computer, an old 1Ghz XP machine, AdAware still terminates with 4 dumps. It took about an hour to collect the data, more than 500M of it, and almost 5 hours to upload it on my 700k/300k dsl connection. Also, Filezilla would give some kind of message after uploading that the file already exists, and upon replying ok it would upload the file again. There is a new version of Filezilla that I might try, but I simply clicked cancel and all 4 dumps are on the server. Lots of luck and I hope you use the data. AdAware was one of the first spyware scanners that I began to use and I would like to see it continue to work.