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  1. After many hours of Lavasoft support (with logmein rescue) and many executions of the MSfixit program not to mention reboots and reinstalls my problem(s) has been corrected . Watching the tech work was indeed amazing. I can imagine his frustration while trying to repair Ad Aware Pro. I do have some issues with the release of V 10.11 but I will save them for another discussion .
  2. Cecilia, I have taken your advise and opened issue with Lavasoft support team.n Unfortunately I do not have a ticket/incident number. I am hopeful you can direct my information to the proper lavasoft support team members. It appears that uploading problem information files is somewhat confusing to me. Thanks John AA Ad-Aware
  3. Cecilia, this is not directed at you. You have always been a great help... even when I screw up. Every few hours AA wants me to upgrade to! I am somewhat disappointed. I can understand some minor oversights with a new version is released (as a former Operations Director, regression testing was always a must) but when I cannot use the product to protect my system I become somewhat irritated. I wanted to have Defender take over but since AA is running (sort of) Defender is disabled (at least they got that to work). I am not sure what will happen if I uninstall AA even with AA's uninstall procedure. The product does not know it is failing and wants to install a boggis release! I want Lavasoft to know that AA is the only program that I am having trouble with in windows 10.Ten does work! Also, I know that it is a weekend for Lavasoft but my laptop does not know that. John
  4. Here are the rest. I figured out what I did wrong...well that's the way my day is going John Ad-Aware
  5. I saw this a little to late. I downloaded the installer. every thing appeared to perform correctly. I rebooted and that is where things went a little crazy. I will try to explain the attachments. When I started AA it wanted to install additional updates with version I let it go and you can see what happened. I did try to run twice, once after a second reboot. Active Virus Control is not running. Web protection is off Email protection is off Network protection is off Notification Center indicates there is an Update available. For some reason I cannot up load the other zip files. I will put them in a separate post. John Ad-Aware
  6. Cecilia here is the XML file produced by AA 11.10 when installed on the WIN 7 Desktop. John
  7. That is fine and they can connect, just give me a time. It must be a knack that I have for finding the hidden issues. John
  8. Something did not work, only the first module worked. Error Error 1606 Could not access network location\Artispam Engine\2.4.4205.0 John
  9. Hi Cecilia, My you are up early... or am I up late
  10. Here it is Cecilia, should I try a reinstall? One other question(s) when I was running under Win 7 I was able to disable Defender and only run AA. I have been searching through MS 10 and I am stumped on how to disable Defender. Services does not allow me to do anything with Defender that I can find. I did find the start up exe (MsMpEng.exe) the only safe option is to rename. But that seems a little harsh. Does AA only run in compatibility mode with WIN 10? I think that is what it is called. I will keep looking. and wait until I hear from you. John Fixlog.txt
  11. Hi Cecilia, I did find one directory in common and removed it. I ran Frst and the results are attached. After I removed all the Lavasoft/Adaware directories from the system I rebooted and tried the install (from down load- free) with the same result. It is a little here USA/central time and hopefully I did things correctly. If I missed something let me know and I will re-do the install. J FRST.txt Addition.txt
  12. Hi Cecilia, well we are still at square 0. I checked to see if MSI was running, using the task manager and nothing appeared. I disabled the Update and Security as best I could. I set the update to 'ask first'. I re-booted the system and tried again, the same window came up as in post 4. I used the downloaded installer AdawareWebinstaller_win32_11.0.3787.0.exe which I kepted from the last install under win 7. I also, downloaded the Free Ad-Aware and it did the same thing. I checked again and found that msi is indeed running. When I try to stop the msi service I receive a message, the message indicates that msi cannot be stopped because it is supporting other MS services. John Ad-Aware
  13. Hi Cecilia, here is the message I receive during the install. John