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    Is it just me thinking that it is rather unprofessional of Lavasoft Support to recommend me to download a 3rd party software and use it during the free trial period in order to remove previous Ad Aware version,

    instead of that Ad Aware during installation itself remove older versions first before installing a later version?

    It wouldn't hurt either to have a feature during installation to have a repair option of already installed version in case something might be wrong with it (corrupt or missing files for example).


    Kenneth, you are right Ad Aware should be able to remove their products completely! But even with Revo Uninstaller there are remnants left behind. It appears Ad Aware hides process deep inside your system. I now run the full version of Revo and log all my installs.


    When you use a product like Revo and you have problems with a reinstall (of Ad Aware) support must log into your system to remove their junk before you can get Ad Aware re-installed. I have been chastise about this in the past.


    I have recently installed WIN 10 on a couple of machines and i am using Defender on one of my machines. Let's see what happens.


  2. After many hours of Lavasoft support (with logmein rescue) and many executions of the MSfixit program not to mention reboots and reinstalls my problem(s) has been corrected :D . Watching the tech work was indeed amazing. I can imagine his frustration while trying to repair Ad Aware Pro.

    I do have some issues with the release of V 10.11 but I will save them for another discussion .

  3. Since you have paid for Ad-Aware, you can always contact Lavasoft support team through their web site or Facebook page.


    Cecilia, I have taken your advise and opened issue with Lavasoft support team.n Unfortunately I do not have a ticket/incident number. I am hopeful you can direct my information to the proper lavasoft support team members. It appears that uploading problem information files is somewhat confusing to me.


    Thanks John






  4. Sorry John, my contact person was too busy (maybe with the 11.10 update problem) and couldn't look at your posts. I hope it's possible on Monday instead.

    Cecilia, this is not directed at you. You have always been a great help... even when I screw up.


    Every few hours AA wants me to upgrade to! I am somewhat disappointed. I can understand some minor oversights with a new version is released (as a former Operations Director, regression testing was always a must) but when I cannot use the product to protect my system I become somewhat irritated. I wanted to have Defender take over but since AA is running (sort of) Defender is disabled (at least they got that to work). I am not sure what will happen if I uninstall AA even with AA's uninstall procedure. The product does not know it is failing and wants to install a boggis release!


    I want Lavasoft to know that AA is the only program that I am having trouble with in windows 10.Ten does work! Also, I know that it is a weekend for Lavasoft but my laptop does not know that.



  5. John, sorry but the XML file only contains little information about the computer and the version of Ad-Aware.


    Can you download and install Ad-Aware 11.10 in the computer without antivirus program today?


    I saw this a little to late. I downloaded the installer. every thing appeared to perform correctly. I rebooted and that is where things went a little crazy. I will try to explain the attachments. When I started AA it wanted to install additional updates with version I let it go and you can see what happened. I did try to run twice, once after a second reboot.

    Active Virus Control is not running.

    Web protection is off

    Email protection is off

    Network protection is off

    Notification Center indicates there is an Update available.


    For some reason I cannot up load the other zip files. I will put them in a separate post.






  6. I'm sorry that it didn't work.


    Ad-Aware 11.10 is going to be released very soon. Can you wait a few days and see if that version can be installed?

    If still unsuccessful, Lavasoft says that they can connect to your computer to solve the problem.

    That is fine and they can connect, just give me a time. It must be a knack that I have for finding the hidden issues.


  7. Here it is Cecilia, should I try a reinstall?


    One other question(s) when I was running under Win 7 I was able to disable Defender and only run AA. I have been searching through MS 10 and I am stumped on how to disable Defender. Services does not allow me to do anything with Defender that I can find. I did find the start up exe (MsMpEng.exe) the only safe option is to rename. But that seems a little harsh.

    Does AA only run in compatibility mode with WIN 10? I think that is what it is called. I will keep looking. and wait until I hear from you.




  8. AdawareWebinstaller_win32_11.0.3787.0.exe is very old, please don't use it. Since it's the same installation file for Ad-Aware Free and Pro, use the installation file for Free.


    Can you see if Windows wants to install any updates?


    It's also possible that Revo Uninstaller hasn't deleted some Ad-Aware files and/or registry posts, or has damaged something, and now that is blocking the installation. Revo Uninstaller isn't suitable for the uninstallation of Ad-Aware, it causes many topics in the forum and support calls.


    Please check if there are any Lavasoft/Ad-Aware folders in C:\Program Files, C:\Program Files (x86), C:\Program Files\Common Files and/or C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files.


    Let us see if FRST can reveal something more.

    Please, download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) and save it on the desktop:

    For 64 bits Windows:

    For 32 bits Windows:


    Start the FRST program.


    Read the disclaimer and click Yes to accept it.

    Click Scan button.

    When done, FRST will create two log files, called FRST.txt and Addition.txt, on the desktop.


    Please, attach them to your reply.



    Hi Cecilia, I did find one directory in common and removed it. I ran Frst and the results are attached. After I removed all the Lavasoft/Adaware directories from the system I rebooted and tried the install (from down load- free) with the same result. It is a little here USA/central time and hopefully I did things correctly.

    If I missed something let me know and I will re-do the install.




  9. The message should mean that another installation using MSI (Microsoft Installer) is on-going, e.g. Windows Update or another program. Please, check if Windows Update is doing something (Settings - Updates and Security - Updates) and if not, restart the computer before trying to install Ad-Aware again.

    If possible you can disable Windows Update to be sure that it isn't installing something.


    Hi Cecilia, well we are still at square 0. I checked to see if MSI was running, using the task manager and nothing appeared. I disabled the Update and Security as best I could. I set the update to 'ask first'.


    I re-booted the system and tried again, the same window came up as in post 4.


    I used the downloaded installer AdawareWebinstaller_win32_11.0.3787.0.exe which I kepted from the last install under win 7.


    I also, downloaded the Free Ad-Aware and it did the same thing.


    I checked again and found that msi is indeed running. When I try to stop the msi service I receive a message, the message indicates that msi cannot be stopped because it is supporting other MS services.




  10. Hi Cecilia, I got off the phone with Victor G. and he corrected the issue. I told his that I did not know how I received the Key for the desktop and laptop. Victor provided a key for the laptop which expires in 2017. Now both machines are in sync. I also provided the name of the tech support person who I talk with Monday night. Many thanks for the quick support. All is well! :D



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  11. Where do I start? I have been using Ad-Aware since probably 2004/5 (the free versions). I believe when version 8 or 9 came out I started licensing the full version, two licenses one desktop and one laptop. I was a beta tester for version 11 and when testing was complete I installed the production version on my laptop and desktop. Both licenses were scheduled to expire 2017-06-23.

    Fast forward to April this year my laptop hard drive went to the hard drive graveyard. So I had to rebuild; fortunately, we have Carbonite for our backup so getting back to normal took a few days (longer to get the games back.) The first thing I did was to reinstall Ad-Aware and activate with our key. All appeared to be working correctly.

    About June 8, 2015 I start receiving a message that Ad-aware was going to expire in 25 days…???? :angry2: What! Refer to expire date above! I checked the App section and sure enough was going to the end of June! I checked the desktop and the expiration date was correct, 2017. I checked Ad-Adware’s online licenses and I was amazed that my current license was not shown. Now I was really confused. As an aside the licensing section defies logic!

    I sent an e-mail to support inquiring about this issue. They responded with a statement that I only have one license expiring in 2017 and asked for an order number. I search but could not find one. The support staff responded with a list of license keys with expiration dates that I have received.

    BUT the license I was using was not among them! When I ask why in 2 emails I did not receive a response. They finally indicated that they have not record of my key (s) they found another one. They sent me an email with a telephone number to call for support, I thought it was Ad-Aware support, was that a mistake.

    When I called the 888 number the hustler, OOPS, I mean technician would not address my issue of license expiration. I let him into my system, first mistake, he told me that I had outdated drivers, my system was running slow, and I had too many applications running, this from looking at my desktop. Then he proceeded to tell me I had malware and viruses on my machine. I wonder what Ad-Aware is doing? He then proceeded to tell me that csrss.exe was malware and should be removed. I took most of what he said and put it in my garden! He offered free one year assistance/monitoring/for my laptop to fix any issues that may occur. The only good thing, if you call it that, was my license was extended until August 2015! WOW I am impressed. :huh:

    The question is, Ad-Aware is wants me to provide proof of my license! However, they cannot determine why they have no records of a license key that I received from them. Awkward! I think they should get their house in order before attacking one of their long term customers.

    I have had respect for Ad-Aware in the past, but when they contract out to a slime bag help desk company which only wants to sell you junk my respect declines significantly.

  12. Cecilia, I do not get a message when I try to turn the features on it looks like the picture in my previous post, the buttons are greyed out.. I did restart the computer after installation. I contacted Lavasoft support on 5/22; they responded yesterday 5/29! I was asked to contact their “One of their highly skilled technicians (Peter)”. Peter connected to my machine downloaded a tool and it scanned my system. Of course Peter clicked the option to fix automatically so I did not see what was corrected. He ran the tool twice and both times he ignored my request to log the modifications. Whatever the fix was allowed me to install Ad-Aware i am not sure what it was. However, the same problem exists; I cannot turn on the additional features. Peter then tried to sell me services which would speed up my computer and remove the errors being reported in the MS Logs.

    I will not deal with those clowns that Lavasoft pushes on you. Yes, it may be faster but I just don‘t trust their recommendations.

    I want to continue with your team, yes it may take longer but I have seen the results of your work and I trust you.



  13. I tried to reinstall and ran into the same issues, AdAware already installed. I had received an e-mail from support where I reported the problem on 5/22 they suggested I call the telephone support. For grins I called explained the issue. he downloaded a MS program and it scanned the system. a few changes were made (he did not click the identify before change. Well it removed some stuff. I rebooted and installed AdAware Pro! Well this time it worked with some exceptions. The only feature that is on is 'real time protetion'. I have included all the info as requested.





    Have fun J