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  1. Thanks Derek. I will uninstall Norton 360 and see if that takes care of the problem. Will let you know. Thanks
  2. Thanks. I will give that a try once I figure out how to do it. Does anyone know how to do this?
  3. GoddersUK: Thanks for the information. I disabled the Norton 360 Smart Firewall and the Antivirus and rescanned with Ad-Aware AE. No difference, problem still exists.
  4. I have been using Ad-Aware on my Vista laptop with Norton 360 with no problems for about a year. The other day I updated Ad-Aware, ran a full scan, and at around 3700 files or so, it freezes. When I stopped the scan, closed and reopened Ad-Aware, it appeared as if a scan was still running but showed no objects scanned. Rebooting the system does take Ad-Aware back to the default screen when it is opened. I tried a smart scan, deleted all temporary files. defragged my system, re-installed Ad-Aware but it still freezes when I run a scan. I also ran a Norton 360 scan and found no viruses or spyware. I disabled Norton, Ad-Aware, and Ad-Watch and ran Spyware Doctor to see if it would find something that might be causing the problem--It found nothing. I shut down Spyware Doctor and went back to Norton and Ad-Aware but my problem still exists. Is this a known bug with the latest update? Any ideas on how to fix?