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  1. I only mentioned that problem with the hanging in response to what other people had written. NIS 2009 is definately the problem. I had an older version of NIS when I first installed MBAM and it worked fine, a while back when I updated windows, it updated to the latest version of IE, and Norton started conflicting, so, to fix it I got a free upgrade to NIS 2009, that was when MBAM started hanging. So I don't doubt that is the same problem with ad-aware. Norton obviously doesn't play well with other Thanks for the help with ad-watch. I'll leave it off.
  2. I have actually noticed that in the last week or so Ad-aware has hung during scans (I have the same problem with MBAM, it hangs if I try to run a full scan because of NIS 2009) and hopefully it will get fixed, but my question is regarding ad-watch live. I am only able to use the one feature available in the free version (the processes feature), and at the moment I have it turned off in case it conflicts with any other real time programs I have running (NIS or MBAM). Does anyone know of any conflicts between ad-wach live and the resident protection in those two programs, or is it safe to leave ad-watch live running all the time without them interfering (or vice versa)? Thanks for the answers so far.
  3. I currently have Norton Internet Security 2009, MBAM with protection enabled, Spybot search and destroy (teatimer turned off), as well as Ad-aware AE, the free version. At the moment I have the one feature of ADwatch live available in the free version turned off because I was worried about conflicts with the other two residents programs. Does anyone know if adwatch live in the free version would conflict with any of these? Or is it just a problem with the full paid version of Ad-aware? Thanks.