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  1. I recently upgraded to AdAware AE plus, but i've only been Ad Aware AE recently since I got internet again. 1) Under "Scan Now" the text reads "Last scanned: mm/dd/yyyy". I've been scanning everything other day, including today, but this always reads "Last scanned: 8/16/2009" and no matter how much I scan, it will not change the date, it stays stuck on the 16th. 2) Since I installed Adaware AE, it hasn't found ANY spyware or adware. I find this very unusual, especially since when I used the older edition, It found 10 critical malwares easily every scan. Also, the live watch has yet to catch anything. Another thing that makes this suspicious, is with the large amount of dirty videos and bit torrent files that get downloaded to my comp, one would expect a nice volume of nasties from the internet. Why isn't this edition of Ad Aware catching anything? Could anyone provide me with some help or info please? Thanks!