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  1. Sorry, I couldn't find the appropriate place to ask a question about Ad-Aware Total Security. I was just wondering, it seems like the CPU Load function is not working. Has that been disabled recently? Otherwise, this continues to be a solid product. I have a paid subscription through 11/2013. One more question. Can my license for Total Security be transferred to Ad-Aware Pro Security?
  2. Here's a link to a few places it's still listed as available. http://download.cnet...4-10460861.html http://www.softpedia...-Firewall.shtml http://majorgeeks.co...wall_d4834.html http://lavasoft-pers...n.malavida.com/ http://www.download....l-firewall.html http://www.softwarecasa.com/lavasoft-personal-firewall.html
  3. I noticed that the Lavasoft webpage has removed the Firewall 3.0 for sale, but you can still find it other places to download and purchase. But is it still supported by Lavasoft? Just wondering.
  4. jchriss


    I have 9.0, and it's working very nice on my Windows 7 Lenovo computer. In fact, I'll tell you something interesting. For the last several weeks I was having trouble with Prevx on full scans. It was not making it through the scan, and actually the blue screen of death would appear with the same message, something about a bad kernel inpage or something to that effect. I finally unistalled Prevx and installed Ad Aware Pro 9.0. First of all, I like the new graphics and new extra information on the scans and detected objects. Anyway, I ran a full scan and there were no glitches whatsoever, Plus it found an object which Prevx had never detected which could have been at the heart of all the problems. I'm still poking around to see. Prevx was a great product for close to a year on my computer, and it was recently purchased by Webroot. Oh well, for now I'm happy with Ad Aware 9.0.
  5. I didn't see a Total Security Discussion section, so I am posting here. I downloaded a trial of the product today, and I have a few comments. First of all, it simply looks great. It is a big improvement over the presentation of standard Ad Aware. Plus, the user interface can be enlarged, so that is a real plus. As great as it looked, though, I had instant problems with very slow internet connection once it was installed. I disabled the firewall, and sure enough, that did it. It went back to normal. Seems there may be some problems with the factory or default security settings with the firewall. I have not had enough time to fiddle with the settings, so for right now the firewall is off. Anyway, this looks like a very promising new product for Lavasot. Oh, the initial download and installation took quite a bit of time. I have a very new computer running Windows 7 OS, and it took over 12 minutes to download. However, the installation was actually pretty quick. It also required a reboot. If anyone has any further info on firewall settings re the problem I mentioned, I would be grateful for the feedback.
  6. I received a new link for a cleaner download of Ad Aware. Apparently there were problems with the CNET download. Before using this download (which is sort of slow, you have to be patient), you must unistall the old version of Ad Aware completely, a so-called clean uninstall. I used Revo uninstaller, but you have to unclick the Ad Aware box near the end of the install when it says to restart your computer. Just uncheck it and keep using Revo on the highest level (advanced or 4th level), which will continue to search for registry items and other lingering features of Ad Aware. Then restart the computer and load Ad Aware from the following link: I guess I cannot provide the link. If you have a paid version support will email it to you.
  7. I just hooked up Outlook, which I'd never used before, just to see the new email scanner do its thing. After I set up the email account, the first incoming email was promptly scanned by Ad-Aware, and it was very nice. For those wondering whether Ad-Aware is still providing protection with this full scan issue yet to be resolved, I pretty regularly check my Ad-Aware Pro scan results with other systems I have available as backups. I have not had an object detected in over five months of use of Ad-Aware Pro (on my Lenovo Ideapad Y510 with Vista 32-bit operating system and also using Lavasoft Personal Firewall 3.0), and recently with this full scan issue yet resolved, I brought in some outside systems to double-check Ad-Aware's protection. I first used Prevx 3.0, and it came up with nothing. A few days after that I ran an A-Squared full scan. Again, no hits. So I am pretty confident the Ad-Aware protection is continuing as strong as ever even with this recent glitch on the version 8.2 update. Overall I continue to remain pleased with Ad-Aware Pro. Of course, it would be nice for them to eliminate this final bug with the full scan dropping the number of objects scanned.
  8. My paid version of 8.2 is doing this as well. I use Vista 32-bit operating system, and 8.2 has been outstanding all around, and I have never experienced crashes or anything of that sort. The only glitch involves the number of objects scanned at the end of the full scan dropping from 200,000 to around 20,000. It is very strange, but it doesn't appear to be affecting protection at all. In fact, I have NEVER gone five straight months with no infections popping up on my computer, a Lenovo Ideapad Y510, until I got Ad-Aware Pro. All other systems I have used over the years, including Norton, ESET, and A-Squared have allowed various trojans, malware, and viruses to get into my system. So far Ad-Aware has been perfect. Anyway, the glitch at the end of the full scan is indeed strange, and I assume it is being worked on right now. But I see no impact on protection, and at the end of the day that is what really counts.
  9. Well, from what I have read it looks like version 8.2 works fine with Vista. I have Vista 32-bit OS, and it is working fine on my computer. Really interesting. Hope those using other OS are helped soon.
  10. [quote name='Gubat' post='116775' date='Feb 16 2010, 09:30 PM']I just upgraded to ver 8.2 a while ago, everything seemed fine until I used smart scan, I got the message that Ad Aware had to shut down due to an error and a report was sent to Lavasoft. I tried it again and still the same thing. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks![/quote] Well, I restarted the computer after everything loaded, and everything works fine. With all those updates, I figured the whole system needed to be rebooted even though it didn't say it was needed. I would bet a reboot will fix everything. I have had no problems with 8.2.
  11. I was able to update to version 8.2 today. I ran scans and everything looks great. No crashes. It seems like a very nice new version. I'm using Vist 32-bit operating system, and like I said, absolutely no problems. This looks like the best Ad-Aware yet.
  12. I just noticed on Cnet that their Ad-Aware download is listed as 8.2. Huh? I tried updating my version of Ad-Aware and it still shows version 8.1.4. Is this a typo on Cnet's part, or is there really a new 8.2 version?
  13. I've noticed that on the brief scan, as the scan is making the transition from Critical Areas to Files, the number of objects scanned actually goes down. Why is this happening? Is this normal? Does it have any implications for the performance of the scan?
  14. Yes, but I tell you in the recent past, just a mere few minutes going to sites that are well known to have a host of tracking cookies would produce enough hits on a brief scan for a handful to show up, at least that's the way my system USED to work. Let me tell you something, and this may seem strange. But hang with me. I have a fully paid subscription to A-Squared in reserve. I consider it a very powerful malware fighter, and its antivirus scan is pretty solid to using Ikarus engine. Anyway, the problem with it is that it is TOO powerful. It produces a lot of false positives, and so at least insofar as version 4.5 goes, it is too big a headache to deal with. Anyway, since I have a fully paid version of it, I can download A2 anytime to test how Ad Aware is doing, in terms of its work of eliminating threats. I was concerned because I had not been picking up anything on scans lately, contrary to how it has been acting in the recent past. I downloaded A2 and ran a full scan. (By the way, there seems to be no conflicts or incompatibilities between A2 and Ad Aware Pro running together on the same system.) Guess what? A2 picked NOTHING up except a test virus file that I had earlier used to test Ad Aware (Ad Aware picked it up and placed it in quarantine). No cookies, nothing. This was a phenomenal finding, better than I've ever seen before from Ad Aware. Something seems to have changed. It seems that Ad Aware is running very nicely now, and Ad Watch is doing an even better job than A2 in acting proactively to keep bad stuff from getting on the computer in the first place. I am very pleased with Ad Aware, so pleased that I am using it solo. I have since deleted A2, which is always ready to be downloaded if I need it. As far as I'm concerned, the antivirus and antiroot kit of Ad Aware is strong enough to go solo, and of course it goes without question that the antispyware/antimalware is phenomenal. Thanks. At least for me Ad Aware Pro is better than ever.
  15. It's interesting to note that in the short time since I posted this issue about the cookies being doubled on scans, it now seems like Ad Aware is picking up no cookies. The last four or five times I've used the scan there have been no hits on cookies, none, and I have not changed the use of my computer. This is really odd. Maybe Ad Aware snuck something into one of the updates, I don't know.