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  1. As I mentioned above the log file and the original installation files are forever lost due to a system restore, unfortunately. I'll attach the installation file from my last successful attempt (downloaded from the same place) installing Xming if that is of any help. Please note that Ad aware didn't complain when using this file. I'm a little concerned of that I'm wasting your time here since I can't provide the required files. I was kind of hoping that you knew about this problem and could relate it to some recent changes. Just to help me sleep better at night .
  2. Hi, I wonder if there have been made any changes to the Ad Aware definitions set regarding the X Server called Xming the last few days? I experienced some strange behaviour when installing Xming, downloaded from Sourceforge ( At the first two attempts Ad Aware registered a trojan called Win32Mo\.PowerSpy. That was yesterday. Today, after downloading new binaries, I made a third attempt which turned out successful without any objections from Ad Aware. I was hoping this behaviour was due to a False Positive. Otherwise I don't think that I will go on using Xming . Unfortunately, I can't provide you with the log file or the original installation files. I made a system restore after the second attempt where I lost them. Thanks deetoo,