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  1. Hello, I purchased Lavasoft Registry Turner last April. There were no problems loading the program and it worked (I believe) as described. However, after a few months, I got a message on my computer about a registry error (a messages from xp). I ran registry tuner and nothing was amiss (according to the tuner). However, the next day, I couldn't access any of my files under My Documents. I removed the hard drive placed it into an external drive case and ran registry tuner again as well as adaware. No problems showed up according to both softwares. Now, the memory shows it being used but I cannot access the files. I can still save files and open documents that I've saved after the issued with the My Documents folder disappearing. How can I fix this without destroying the data on this drive? I'm a teacher and these are all my lesson plans and support information from last year (no I didn't back up the information like an intelligent person). My only other option is to take it to the "Geek Squad", but I'm afraid they will charge me an outrageous price to fix something that might be minor (or might not). Thank you for any help any of you can render. Frederick