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  1. Casey: I have tried the link you advised and got message access denied. I now have Beta Version 5 on my system and I am registured in the beta program. how do I get access to this link, do you know ? Thank you
  2. I have been using the current released Lavasoft Anniversary Edition for about 6 months on my home computer with no problems on scans. I have another hard drive for my system that I downloaded the Lavasoft Beta 3 & then upgraded to 4 and having problems with both of them being very slow on system scan or will freeze the running white spinning wheel in scan. The Lavasoft icon in system tray continues to run, but scan will not complete. I have seen comments on problems with Norton, by computer is using MacAfee 2007 total protection on both drives, freezing is only happening on the new lavasoft in Beta Testing. Does anyone have any ideas ? Thank you.