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  1. I downloaded and installed Ad-Aware 8.1.0 to the location I wanted. Finally saw the blue Custom install link. This issue should be closed. Thanks for your help Casey, Tony
  2. Yup. We can close it. The Ignore list in 8.1.0 is easily accessible, and the programs that were causing the pop-up warnings in 2008 Pro aren't causing warnings in 8.1.0. Thanks for your help, Tony
  3. Yup. The installation of 8.1.0 placed the combined Ad-Aware/Ad-Watch icon in the tray. Thanks for your help Casey.
  4. Fixed That didn't work. lsdelete.exe still could not be found at Windows boot-up. However, I read the following on another forum — On my system Lsdelete.exe is located in J:/Forensics & Security Programs/Ad-Aware. I placed a copy of it into C:/Windows/System32, then rebooted. NO error message! Perhaps the Ad-Aware installation program should place a copy there, too. Tony
  5. I already have 8.1.0 installed, which is a wicked nice program, btw. The installation didn't change the problem. Although Ad-Aware is installed in a different partition on my hard drive than the default partition C, I don't think that is the problem. as long as the location of lsdelete.exe is registered with Windows. My thinking now is that the lsdelete refference is entered three times in a row in each key value, so maybe deleting two entries in each value would fix the problem. Otherwise, do I need to fix an entry in the Registry that tells AutoCheck where to find lsdelete.exe? Tony
  6. Ad-Aware 8.1.0 was released yesterday, and I wanted to install it to resolve several problems with my existing installation. I used Revo Uninstaller to uninstall Ad-Aware 2008 Pro. I had not used Revo before, and I was impressed with how thorough it was at completely removing the program. As it turned out, it was a bit too good. It found pieces in my Registry and several folders on my hard drive from even earlier versions of Ad-Aware that had been left by previous uninstallations. Specifically, it found pats of my old Ad-Aware 2007 Pro program. I let Revo remove them. When I rebooted my system, I found I had a new problem. AutoCheck went through checking my hard drives normally, but then posted a message saying, "lsdelete program not found - skipping AUTOCHECK". From another formum I found that the ls part of lsdelete stands for LavaSoft. "lsdelete.exe is a Lavasoft file. Lsdelete.exe is related to Lavasoft Boot Cleaner." It is specific to Ad-Aware 2007, and with the last vestiges of my old 2007 program removed, AutoCheck could not find the program. From both this forum and others I found how to resolve the problem, but with warnings of dire consequences if I do it wrong. The fix is to delete part of a value in the Registry, but to "delete only the words "autocheck lsdelete" and nothing else or your system may not boot. You'd have to boot off the XP install disk and restore from the registry backup you created." There are two keys in my Registry that contain lsdelete, and both have the same wording for their values. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet003\Control\Session Manager HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager Both keys have the value for BootExecute set as autocheck autochk * autocheck lsdelete autocheck lsdelete autocheck lsdelete. My question is what specifically do I delete? Should my edited value read: autocheck autochk * only? Thanks, Tony
  7. Thanks again Casey. I've downloaded Revo and am ready to try it out, but I am confused about how to download the new version of Ad-Aware. There are now two free versions; the normal and the Plus versions. If I download either of these versions, can I simply copy in my present 2008 Pro registration key to unlock the Pro version, or do I have to download a specific Pro version? Tony
  8. Thanks for your help, Casey. I'll wait for tomorrow and check out the new release.
  9. That's interesting. I tried installing Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition previously, but could not find the little blue hot-spot to click for a custom installation, so I reinstalled Ad-Aware 2008. I would be very interested in installing the new release of Ad-Aware, if I can download it and install it to the folder and partition that I want it installed to. I'm not sure what Revo is, but I would be willing to uninstall with it prior to installing the new release. Tony
  10. It's not saving my choices. I can't find a log to access or modify via the program. Is there some file or key I can manually add my choices into, or some less invasive way I can tel Ad-Watch to save my choices? Tony
  11. In Pro 2008 the icon in the tray is the Ad-Watch red shield with yellow bug on it, and it only opens the Ad-Watch part of the program, the same as opens in a new window when you click on Ad-Watch in the Ad-Aware window. I know this is a problem caused by the BitDefender installation, but I was hoping there would be a simple Registry hack that would restore the icon to load with XP stratup — some value that the BitDefender installation changed or deleted. Tony
  12. Thanks for your suggestions Casey. So far, trying other methods, I've gotten every icon back except the icon for Ad-Aware Pro 2008. The icon for Ad-Watch loads in the tray, but before I continue working on this problem, I wanted to make sure that the Ad-Aware icon is supposed to be in the tray. (I seem to remember it being there, but now I am unsure.) Tony
  13. I think I have resolved this issue. First, the "always allow this action" option was part of BitDefender's Registry monitor pop-up window, not Ad-Watch's (something that would be a good option to add into the Ad-Watch monitoring pop-up, though). Second, I have selected "Do not use notifications" in the General Settings tab, then selecting my default actions as "Allow". I'm not sure if that totally defeats the function of Ad-Watch, but it stopped the pop-ups. Am I now vulnerable to attack because I have changed my default action is to allow? Tony
  14. Sorry it took me so long to reply Casey. Although I had notify me by e-mail selected, I didn't see any notification arive. One tray program does take a while to load — a very long time — and that is Ad-Watch 2008. It loads well after everything else. However, I am inclined to believe that something happened when I installed BitDefender 2008, as many other problems were created with that installation. I had both BitDefender 2009 and Ad-Aware Pro 2007 installed previously, and both worked without incident. I upgraded both programs. Trying to resolve the problem, I unistalled both BitDefender 2010 and Ad-Aware Pro 2008. That did not bring back the tray icons, and with Ad-Aware uninstalled, the slowness of Ad-Watch to load was eliminated as a potential cause. The Ad-Watch icon does load. The Ad-Aware icon does not. The program itself loads at Windows boot-up and runs as it should. Only the tray icon does not load. The BitDefender installation tries to uninstall any other antivirus or malware programs on the system. I had talked with BitDefender support before installing, and they sited me to a link to download a program that would completely uninstall my old version of BitDefender. I was told to then choose the option when installing the new BitDefender to install without uninstalling anything. Since I uninstalled both BitDefender and Ad-Aware trying to fix my problems and then reinstalled Ad-Aware without reinstalling BitDefender, the Ad-Aware program was a clean install. BitDefender must have changed some setting with Windows itself. Is there some registry key that got whacked by the BitDefender installation that I need to edit or add back? Tony
  15. When I used Ad-Watch in Ad-Aware 2007, I was able to click a button for "always allow this action" (or some such similar wording) when the window would pop up asking me if I wanted to allow or deny an action. However, that option does not seem to be available in the 2008 version. Is there anyway to modify the "trusted list" to include programs? With Ad-Watch active, now I have to go through two or more extra steps every time I try to perform an action with many of my most often used programs. This becomes a nuisance. I do not want to shut down Ad-Watch, just tell it that the actions of specific programs is permitted. Tony