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  1. I googled "error 14001" and found this site along with many others. They fixed the problem by running this. Apparently the issue is with MS Visual C++ redistributable. I tried it and it worked. The error message went away, and ad-aware tried to load. It couldn't load the service, so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. It works fine now. Thanks for your help.
  2. I got the service created using that string, and I set it up like in your post from a few days back. Unfortunately, I still get the same configuration error message. The only difference is that it has an error number now, 14001.
  3. I tried this, but the service is not getting created. I think the problem is the space between "program" and "files". I took it out and a service was created. However, the space needs to be there have the correct path for the service. I tried using "program files" with the quotes, but it would not create the service.
  4. Neither AAWService.exe or AAWTray.exe are running. Lavasoft Ad-Aware Service does not appear when I run services.msc. I copied metafile.dat into the Ad Aware folder, but I still get the same error message.
  5. The error message pops up first, the GUI never appears. I did notice that I have two Lavasoft folders under Program Files, which is obviously a problem. I attached screenshots of the error, registry entries, and the two Ad-Aware folder contents. I used the Revo Uninstaller again and took a screenshot of what it found. I deleted those items and reinstalled AE again. There is only one this time. The same error message still appears.
  6. I installed over the 2008 version. I tried the revo uninstaller and reinstalled AE, but still get the same error message.
  7. I was able to install AE with no problems, but when I try to use it, I get an error message stating that the application configuration is incorrect and that reinstalling may correct the problem. I have tried reinstalling several times and still get the same error message. My pc is running XP Media Center with service pack 3.