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  1. I updated to the AE edition this morning and IMMEDIATELY afterwards started getting problems: I cannot type the following by simply holding down the shIFT key (but they work with CAP LOCK: Exclamation mark Capital s Capital r Capital h tilde These just don't type at all until I put caps lock or or type a lower case letter instead As I type all day for my work this is INCrEDIBLY FrUsTraTing Also - and even MOrE frustrating is the fact that I'm getting multiple 'search boxes' from nowhere which are impossible to click out/close down without closing the programme via task manager. similarly (intermittently) I get a drop down box in excel with 'paste table/list' which is IMPOssIBLE to close by simply clicking the 'X' or 'Cancel' I'm using Vista and I've already run 3 system restores - none of which did anything I have now 'uninstalled' AE but am sTILL getting the problems Has anyone ANY idea what this is and how the dickens I can get rid of it??? Thanks