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    [quote name='visitor' post='122281' date='Sep 2 2010, 09:26 PM']Which version of Ad-Aware? If 8.3, try updating using the GUI or tray icon. If an older version, you should use Revo Free Uninstaller (revouninstaller.com) to uninstall, then download and install 8.3 from here: [url="http://www.lavasoft.com/products/ad_aware_free.php"]http://www.lavasoft.com/products/ad_aware_free.php[/url][/quote] [color="#0000FF"] Hi Visitor, Thank you for the 8.3 version suggestion . . . however, that was the version I had downloaded. What I did was to uninstall it and reinstall . . . however, this time I did [b] not check [/b] the box for the extra level of security for downloads . . . having no problems now. [/color]
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    [color="#0000FF"] I have used Ad Aware ("AA") for several years. However, recently, when clicking on the AA desktop icon, the pop up would not get beyond "loading". I uninstalled it and reinstalled AA. Now when I use Filehippo to update my applications, all that appears to happen is that AA scans the incoming update file (very quickly) and then I have no way to actually access the file to run the update. I also have tried updating directly from an application site. AA still scans the update file and nothing happens thereafter nor do I have direct access to the incoming file to run it. Help! [/color]
  3. Hi GeCj7, How did you get to "Tamper Protection"? What Norton are you using?
  4. OK, where do I find Norton's "anti-tamper" function in Norton SystemWorks Premier Edition 12.0 so that I can disable it? Thanks.
  5. I went into services and startup and disabled all Norton entries. Only then would Ad-Aware AE run without freezing after a few thousands objects had been scanned. Also, I was unable to retry Ad-Aware AE without rebooting the computer when virtually any of the Norton system was running. However, this was not a problem for the last several months prior to installing the latest AE update. Having to go into services and startup to disable Norton before Ad-Aware AE will run is time consuming and annoying . . . anything less than a complete disabling of the Norton I have results in Ad-Aware AE freezing. Any suggestions?
  6. Hi Casey, Yes . . . Norton SystemWorks Premier Edition 12.0 suite. Wayne3
  7. I have been using Ad-Aware Free's Anniversary Edition since it became available. However, when I tried to run it today, it froze after running for a few seconds and scanning just under 3000 objects each time I tried it . . . I tried it on the Smart and Full Scan options . . . the timing clock keeps running but nothing else on the Ad-Aware screen is accessible. I uninstalled it and successfully reinstalled it . . . this is the only program that I am having trouble with. My Operating System is Windows Vista Home Edition, 32 bit. Help!