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  1. Is there any way to resolve this problem? Is the company working on a fix? If not, I will have to uninstall this program because it just does not work.
  2. No, neither IE or any other program was open at the time.
  3. I did a full Norton scan and did not find any irregularities. Then I started an AdAware scan. The program froze at 2min 8 sec, on file 4279. Current Section: Processes. Current Object: c:\program files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe. The Stop Scan button was ineffective and I had to use Task Manager to stop the program. The taskbar icon was still active, so I had to reboot my computer. Do you have any ideas? Thank you.
  4. I just downloaded the new version of AdAware onto three (3) computers. All are running Norton Internet Security 2009. One runs Windows XP Pro, one runs Vista Home Premium 32 bit and one runs Vista Home Premium 64 bit. The AdAware worked properly on the XP Pro and the Vista 64 bit. However, it froze at about 4000 files on the Vista 32 bit. It would not let me cancel the scan. I then re-booted the computer, disabled Norton and tried the scan again. Still would not work. I re-enabled Norton but disabled the Tamper Protection. Again, AdAware froze - the clock kept running but it was not scanning after a few thousand files. It would not close normally so I closed it with Task Manager. However, the task bar icon kept running and would not stop. When I clicked on the icon, AdAware opened up, showing no files scanned, while the clock kept running. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS PROGRAM?
  5. I have been reading all of the posts going back to August. Everyone seems to be indicating a conflict between Norton IS 2009 and AdAware. Are the developers of AdAware working on a fix for the program? Have they been in touch with the Norton techies? Unless this is fixed, AdAware will become essentially useless, which would be a shame, because I really like the product. Does anyone have any tangible, verifiable information on what, if anything, is going on?
  6. I have brought this to the attention of Norton tech support and just received this response: "Welcome back to Norton Support. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention, and I am sorry to hear that you are having this problem. As we have already informed on the previous email that the reason is the two Antivirus program will bring conflict with each other. However, have taken your suggestion and we currently do not have the estimated time of repair for this. However, please be assured that we are working to correct it as soon as possible." If I should receive any further information from them, I will post it here.
  7. All of my computers are regularly updated with all of the latest versions of every program I have. I just spent 3/4 of an hour in a "chat" with Raju of Norton technical support. It was as effective as trying to nail Jello to a wall. I could not make him understand the problem and finally he suggested referring the situation to his supervisor. After another ten minutes waiting, we were disconnected. So much for Norton's interest in resolving the problem. I am going to write to their corporate HQ, letting them know what I think about their outsourced support. However, that still does not resolve the problem.
  8. Thanks to all of you for your responses. I disabled the tamper protection for one hour, re-installed AdAware, and it worked straight through as normal, removing a lot of cookies from my computer. However, I cannot understand the following: I have six computers, both PC's and laptops. Three are running Vista, three are running XP. All have Norton Internet Security 2009, and all have AdAware AE. I have only had this problem on one PC running Vista 32-bit. The other 32-bit Vista and the 64-bit Vista have no such problem, and none of the XP computers have this problem. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks again.
  9. Thank you. I disabled Norton completely, but still have the same problem. The clock keeps ticking but the scan just freezes and hangs on the same file. I have let it run for two hours before stopping it and uninstalling the program, then reinstalling it. I don't think the problem is with the Norton upgrade - it is something in the latest AdAware format.
  10. Lately, the AdAware program "freezes" partway through the cycle. The clock keeps going, but the program stops on one file and will not progress. I have uninstalled the program, using Revo, and reinstalled it several times, with the same result. It had been working perfectly before. No new software has been installed. The program works properly on two other computers with identical configurations. Does anyone have any viable suggestions? Thanks.