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  1. Hi Casey Boy. To update you. It finished the scan... only took 13 hours!), it had found some 'particularly malicious' malware - adaware's words not mine. I did save the log file for you but now son has taken laptop back to college, I will ask him to mail it me if you think it is of interest/use. However, I think that it was the speed of my son's laptop, just causing adaware to run really really slowly! now that the laptop is disinfected, and cleaned of extraneous files it si working much quicker. I will keep an eye on it. Thanks for you help
  2. And if it helps, have just checked and it has been scannin the windows/winsxs file (sorry got that wrong before), for about 8 of the hours it has been running!
  3. He computer is incredibly slow, and I have also run SpyBot search and destroy in the interim, and CClean to clean the registry and defragged it! So now am a little puzzled and frustrated. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Hi everyone Trying to sort my son's laptop out, and installed Ad-aware to try and scan. His laptop was going so slowly I thouht it may have malware. Anyhoo.... it has not frozen, or totally hung, but it is stuck in a loop in the windows/winsys folder.The timer is clocking but also the file names keep changing as if the program is still running.. otherwise I would think Norton problem as described. But not expert so it may well be same problem as norton issue I also removed Norton from his system tyring to clean up and free space (he was not subscribed so it wasn't working properly). Adaware has been running for 6 hours now. Cheers