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  1. Good morning to you on the other side of the world Casey/visitor. I did download Autoruns for windows by Russinovich and unticked Lbd Ad aware mini filter driver and it worked. No more errors. I have not done the second part(regedit) and if its not needed I would prefer not to do it. What do you think, do I have to do that or its not necessary. Greetings to you from Nicaragua and long live the Uk. Bo
  2. Thanks for asking Casey, I really don't have any problem, its just that Ad aware has not found any malware on my computer in a long time. I had not used the program since around march and this past weekend I remembered that I had it and tried to uninstall, but of course I did get the error so I thought maybe in this forum I could get some help. I did run a couple of scans on sunday just for record and nothing came up, not even a cookie. My formula for staying clean for a year has been using sandboxie(hardened)and then every once in a while doing a scan with some supposedly powerful anti virus and anti malware and they never find nothing either. Maybe you can read and learn about sandboxie and you ll be amaze of the power that it has and you still can use Ad aware. I just came from work and in a while I will let you know if i am able to handle this, if not I will ask you for more help. Thanks to you and visitor Bo
  3. Thanks for your answer. So I guess I should uninstall and then go into regedit and delete the entry mentioned. Can you please confirm. Thanks Bo
  4. Thanks for answering. I click on the link but I get message that link is bad. Bo Sorry, the link that brought you to this page seems to be out of date or broken.
  5. Hi everybody I need help from somebody that knows how to get rid of error I get in event log every time I uninstall Ad awareAE. I have used Windows own and Revo, and they uninstall the program well but the error always remain and comes up in the event log. I have been trying to get out of this program for the last 6 months and the error happens every time. For the oldies at the forum I know this is a known issue but nowhere I can find a definite answer to this situation. I always end up reinstalling this program so I don't get that error in the event log, but I just don't use AAW and I don't want it in my computer. So right now the program is disabled and stopped and will be like that until I am able to try something else . I know you know but just in case you forgotten what the error said here goes "service control manager event id 26" "the following boot start or system start driver failed to load" and of course its talking about AAW driver Lbd. Please help Bo