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  1. Hi -- this may be dumb, but... I recently reinstalled Adaware. A trojan the uninstalled version had recommended I quarantine (this seemed to take two tries, for some reason) no longer shows up in the log. This makes sense, since the log would reset when I reinstalled. But what happens to previously quarantined files when you do a delete/reinstall? BTW, my new version hasn't detected any trojans or other malware. Thanks!
  2. Hi Casey -- I reinstalled adaware today, and reset the scan settings, so I hope it will now work. Further to the TAI 3 issue -- aargh! In my situation, I don't want any tracking cookies whatsoever, because it gives away too much information about where I"m going and doing. Is there any other way to remove these low-TAI cookies? I use Tracks Eraser and clear private data using FFX browser tools frequently while browsing -- but I don't know if this is removing tracking cookies and MRUs, which I also used to get constantly. I also uninstalled and reinstalled FFX yesterday -- would that clear them off? I'd be happy to buy software to get rid of this junk if the above methods won't do it -- but what kind? By removing the TAI customization option, Adaware has done a great disservice to a lot of people with privacy/cyberstalking problems -- mainly women. I wish they'd reinstate it!!!! Thanks for your help with this -- it's pretty important to me. Hopscotch
  3. Hi Casey -- how, then, can they be altered? Because I've seen them change -- I was aware a few times they had changed, so I began opening the dialogue box and watching. For examples, remember information for forms and passwords was turned on once. Accept third-party cookies was turned on several times. And sites I blocked were switched to "allow." This has only happened on sites I know this guy moderates. Thanks!
  4. Hi -- Another, different browser problem. I have my settings under options set pretty strictly -- no browser history, no third-party cookies, all first-party cookies expire at end of session, no history for forms or passwords. When I visit certain legitimate sites that use a guy I know as a part-time moderator, these settings are surreptitiously changed. I've had problems with this guy in the past -- he's used first-party tracking cookies from the sites he works on to watch me surf and used the information to make harassing phone calls, follow me around, etc. That's why I set the privacy options so strictly. I also put the legitimate sites he monitors on my exceptions list, so no cookies at all are accepted from them. A couple of the sites are professional sites I need to use for news, job ads, etc., so I can't avoid all the ones he works on. He seems to have made a point of applying to these, after I stopped using others he moderated. I could report him, but he's a pity case and it's also not the kind of thing I want peers to remember me for! Is there a way I can prevent him from altering my privacy settings and exceptions list, other than turning him in? Any suggestions appreciated! Thanks! Hopscotch
  5. Hi -- When I run a full scan (I don't use other options), adaware doesn't scan any objects for browser hijacks. I've watched display, and it says "scanning for browser hijacks" for a couple of seconds, but the objects counter sticks at 0. In other words, it is for some reason not scanning my browsers (I currently have two installed -- FFX and Safari). Also, I'm wondering if Adaware AE still reports cookies with a TAI of less than three. I diligently remove cookies, but the older version still used to turn them up sometimes. No more, and I notice the AE edition doesn't give users the options of setting the TAI level they want detected to 0 anymore. I'm concerned about my surfing being monitored -- I've had this in past, by a creepy guy I know who works as a part-time moderator on a number of legitimate sites and used these sites' cookies to track me. Adaware may consider this low threat, but I don't, because it means other people know my plans for outings, concerts, etc. Can there be persistent cookies on my browser that Adaware isn't telling me about, because it doesn't report anything with a TAI level lower than 3 anymore? Thanks! I hope I posted this in an acceptable place. Hopscotch