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  1. From Jesse in California, SIMPLE: I run Ad Aware 8.0.8 in XP to prevent someone else from controlling my computer. I especially like the ThreatWork - go get 'em! Yet, recently I neglected to run Ad Aware, and on top of this, my wife accidentally went surfing into that side of the Internet I like to call "the Web of deceit." This is where they say "download for us to help you," yet they mean: "download for you to help us." Since then, our computer has not been our own. Rather than work for us, the computer has become a commercial; and on top of that Ad Aware won't scan and clean these problems! I fear the worst: Ad Aware has been corrupted by some pop-ups! To make matters more interesting: when I tried to download Ad Aware updates, my (updated) virus software finds trojans and such, in the update process. Finally I'm updated, yet when Ad Aware A.E. STARTS to scan, it scans about 1,700 files, THEN QUITS before complete, kind of restarting. I write today to see if there is a reason for this, especially a fixable one; or, if I should save my personal files and reinstall my OS? I appreciate the interest of you readers, especially those who respond! Thank you. -Jesse P.S. If I overlooked the solution to this in some other form please inform me of where to look! Thanks! P.P.S. I am not running Norton! I run Spybot, AVG anti virus, and Ad Aware as my internet defence!