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  1. [quote name='Mike...' post='121418' date='Jul 21 2010, 12:22 PM']You can say that again. I only manually update AA and it doesn't look like the actual downloads are taking a long time (I have a fast cable connection as well), it's the initial "update check" (even if there are no updates) and the application of downloaded updates/definitions. [/quote] Hey, thanks for your reply, Mike. Yeah, support really sux at this forum. Martin
  2. One more question, Zhe. As an alternative to the current DELAY PLAGUED Ad-Aware server(s) update problem(s), I tried installing the 97 MB Ad-aware 2007 / 08 / AE Definitions File 0149.0331/ 150.16 file ( Following the instructions, I unzip the file in my C:\documents and settings\All Users\application data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware directory. Unfortunately, no files are updated or installed with one exception > a new sub-directory named [b]consolidate_core_output[/b]. Any suggestions? Martin
  3. [quote name='LS linuxcity' post='121358' date='Jul 19 2010, 08:25 AM']Hello CurlySue, I am sorry for the inconvenience it brought. I believe it is caused by a large definition update. Currently the only solution for it is to download the latest installer and install it again. (You can download it from, for example) And we are working on an alternative solution for it. Thank you very much! Sincerely, Zhe[/quote] Tried the "latest installer" suggestion several times, including a total Registry scrubbing, both manual and several cleaners. The "installs" could not have been cleaner, and yet the problem persists. CurlySue could not be more precise in her analysis, and, in my opinion, Visitor is both indirectly and directly derisive and often antagonistic with little or no real value suggestion or recommendation. Zhe, you state this issue "is caused by a large definition update." But the 8.2.0 definition updates are not less than 98% the size of the 8.3.0 definition updates and this DELAY problem did not exist with the 8.2.0 version. So, without additional obfuscations, what is the truth here? Martin
  4. Ad-Aware 8.3.0 is the SLOWEST of ANY software PROGRAM that I have USED IN 15 YEARS of online updating. The previous released took only seconds, sometimes - though rarely - a minute, maybe 90 seconds to update. This new 8.3.0 version has been taking anywhere between 2-1/2 to 10 minutes to update. I am confident that there will be a few Ad-Aware moderators or like individuals whom will suggest the SLOW or LAGGING updates are due to their servers being overwhelmed by the BILLIONS of users updating to the latest version. While this may be plausible, it was NEVER this SLOW with 8.2.0 or 8.1.0 or 8.0.0 or any significant update in the past several years. Any suggestions other than wiping Ad-Aware completely out of my system (which I have already done, twice, including but not limited to a manual scrubbing of my Registry and HDD)? Puzzled, Martin
  5. [quote name='SpySentinel' post='119809' date='May 28 2010, 12:37 PM']Sorry for the delay. This issue has been reported to Lavasoft.[/quote] And here we are, SIX WEEKS LATER, and the PROBLEM HAS NOT BEEN FIXED OR RESOLVED. Reported? B.S.
  6. Since installing version 8, and now updated to 8.2.3, I notice that whenever I enable Ad-Aware it (or Windows XP SP3) invokes a Windows (application or program) process named unsecapp.exe The best Microsoft explanation that I have found, thus far, states that "The Unsecapp.exe application is used to send results back to a client in a process that may not have permissions to be a DCOM service." I would like to know why this Windows (application or program) process is invoked whenever Ad-Aware is enabled or engaged. Thanks, Martin
  7. Ad-Aware 8.1.0 "Update" pop-up window PROBLEM RESOLVED!!! First, I would like to thank louie2 for his contributions and postings #27 and #29 and #30. Following louie2's lead, I elected to remove all traces of Ad-Aware from my computer. Running an up-to-date version of Windows XP SP2... - using Windows XP's ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS, removed Ad-Aware 8.1.0 and rebooted computer - scrubbed Registry using Eusing Reg Cleaner 2.5.1 - scrubbed Registry using EasyCleaner - scrubbed Registry using Norton WinDoctor (run from CD only, not installed on my computer) - scanned Registry using RegistryFix v6.4 (unregistered version), scan only function - opened Registry with Windows XP's REGEDIT, manually deleted problems identified by RegistryFix v6.4 - with Registry still open, searched and deleted all references to Ad-Aware and Lavasoft, then closed Registry - initiated Windows XP's CHKDSK and rebooted computer - using Windows XP's SEARCH engine, FOR FILES OR FOLDERS, deleted all references to Ad-Aware and Lavasoft - saved a backup copy of Registry using ERUNT, The Emergency Recovery Utility NT Believing all traces of Ad-Aware 8.1.0 (including any previous versions) were completely removed from my computer, using the Ad-Aware Installation Package executable .exe file [73.5 MB 77,086,488 bytes], I installed Ad-Aware 8.1.0, and at the end of the install it successfully executed its online automated update. Before rebooting, I chose modify the following Ad-Aware 8.1.0 settings: - under Settings | Update Settings | Software and Definitions File Updates - Do not automatically check for updates - under Information Updates - Do not automatically check for updates - under ThreatWork Alliance - Do not send information After rebooting, I opened Ad-Aware 8.1.0 and the Update pop-up window that plagued me no longer exists. Thanks again, louie2. Best regards, Martin P.S. Shortly after it posted, I saw Dinole's posting but chose to neglect it because, like some users, I thought it was okay to install Ad-Aware 8.1.0 over an existing Ad-Aware 8.0 Anniversary Edition. Had I not neglected Dinole's posting, for me, this Update pop-up window problem would have been resolved or fixed yesterday.
  8. Hmmm... its 5:41 AM CDT on 15OCT09 and I just updated via 8.1.0's Web Update button, to 0149.0072, and the Ad-Aware "Update" pop-up window remains. What version are you using louie2? Martin
  9. Hello, Casey. I should add that I am running 8.1.0 under Windows XP SP2 [with all available MS updates - except IE7 or IE8, which I abhor]. Perhaps you are running under a different operating system, or this pop-up bug is tied to something other than our O/S. My two cents, Martin
  10. Hi, I believe my Topic Title says it well... I updated to 8.1.0 and yet the Ad-Aware Update pop-up window will not go away. Update Settings: - Software and Definitions File Updates | Do not automatically check for updates: bulleted - Information Updates | Do not automatically check for updates: bulleted I even tried disabling the Lavasoft Ad-Aware Service. Is the Ad-Aware Update pop-up window simply an 8.1.0 "nuisance" or is there a fix? Many thanks, Martin P.S. The pop-up windows states: FREE update to Ad-Aware Update to the newest version of Ad-Aware today! With power-packed advancements to our anti-malware technology, additional usability features for added control, and fresh community-based initiatives, Ad-Aware brings you the power you need in the struggle to stay safe and secure online. The power is in your hands - update for FREE today! Update later (radio button) Update now (radio button)