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  1. I don't have Norton loaded onto my system. I do have McAfee and as mentioned above I disabled/stopped it at one point and still AA never finishes scanning. I have tried the following combinations to no avail: Critical Only folder and files less than 2.5MB plus: Root Kits Only - fails Behavioral Only - fails Archival Only - fails Executables Only - fails No other folders selected - fails Just switched to: Running Applications folder and files less than 2.5MB: No other folders selected - fails Oh, and as an aside the Stop Scan button does not work you have to kill/exit AA to perform each test situation. Will continue doing AA's QA teams job until either I find something or I give up on it and remove it from my system.
  2. I stopped those programs that I could and the scan still hangs. For each process I stopped the "Objects scanned" total reduced, as expected. I even stopped McAfee, but that did not stop AA from getting hung up. Each time it hangs now it is in the "enumerating clsid's". Something in AA's programming is still getting hung up.
  3. You're right, I reduced the default as you suggested and it hits the hangup point much quicker. It ALWAYS stops somewhere in the 33400-33499 range. I will try stopping a couple of other real-time programs to see if they are the culprits causing the interference next.
  4. Hi, I downloaded the 2010 version this morning when I received the announcement and immediately instructed it to perform a complete smart scan on my system. 7 hours later it was still working on a .wmv file. I killed the scan and deleted the .wmv file that the scan hung up on and tried again. Again, after over 1 hour it was still running and was now hung on "Critical Areas", enumerations. So, thinking I had done something wrong I stopped/killed Ad-Aware and uninstalled it, then I downloaded it again and reinstalled it. I again started the system scan and what used to take 20 minutes with the prior version was still running after 63 minutes, again it was at the point it said it was checking critical enumerations. I'm running Vista w/sp2. Am I missing something or am I the first to encounter this bug? Thanks!