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  1. I looked for older versions and found 8.0.7. It appears that it doesn't have the problem described. Maybe this info helps your technicians to repair the flaw of the 8.1.0 version. Thanks!
  2. I also suspected something in that direction. Not that I'm an expert, it's more a matter of general experience and gut-feeling. Like I said, when I bought this Acer Aspire One netbook, I de-installed the pre-installed anti-virus software (probably McAfee) through the regular XP procedure (in order to replace it through Avast), but this probably means that some files and entries may still be around and cause damage under certain conditions, if I've comprehended well. How do I find them? Under C:\Programs, there is no folder carrying a name with any resemblance to this previous software. There was one under 'users', and with contents, but deleting it didn't solve the problem. Searching for 'mcafee' produced no results. How would I totally get rid of all the 'hidden' McAfee files, entries etc? Would McAfee inform me? I doubt it. PS Could you otherwise send me the installation file of the previous version to my email address registered by you, please? I didn't save it.
  3. Hi there 'Is it still scanning?': After 3/4 hour hanging at the same point (not that I watched, I was just busy on the other computer), I stopped it by closing the software. Still it seemed to continue, because when right-clicking the system tray icon, I could see that it continued to scan. If this was your question, then yes - it just continued scanning. I had to shut off the computer to make it stop. 'Did the scan detect anything?': Not up to that point. 'Do you have any other security software installed?': Avast anti-virus, like on my other computer. This computer with the Ad-Aware problem, an Acer Aspire One netbook, came with a different type of anti-virus software when I bought it - I think it had McAfee, Symantec or the like (I'm not an expert in that sense). I de-installed that, then installed Avast. The previous Ad-Aware version didn't have problems with that situation. Does that make any sense to you? Michael
  4. I have just upgraded to the new 8.1.0 version, on both of my computers (both XP). On one of them, it works alright, it seems. On the other, however, scanning doesn't function well: During an 'intelligent scan', it stops at object 4802 ('enumerating clsid's') and can't stop scanning - for almost an hour now. Is there a solution to this problem?