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  1. NOTE: I tried talking with LavaSoft Support. At first they acted like they did not know what I was reporting. After a few email exchanges they sent my request to the "development department", who replied they did not know and that I should post on the Forum. OS: Windows 7 64-bit SP: Service Pack 1 Hello, I am having a problem with the SBS_STDRL_*** and SBS_VE_AMBR_ **** files that are in my C:\windows\Temp folder. They are slowing down my Ad-Aware scans and the general operation on my computer. I need to remove the 50,000 + files, but Internet Explored is not able to delete the files. I have tried the suggestion,found by Google search "SBS_ STDRL files", posted on the Ad-Aware site “ Definition File Update Issue with Ad-Aware , dated September 24th, 2015 in Lavasoft Products “. I could not find the “Plugins” folder in my Ad-Aware folder. The posting seems to be used with Ver 11 of Ad-Aware. I am using free Version This is NOT a malware infection. It is actually caused by AD-Aware as stated by an Ad-Aware post on your website. Here is the information posted on the Ad-Aware site ---- "Definition File Update Issue with Ad-Aware , dated September 24th, 2015 in Lavasoft Products". My Question: Is there a way to delete the SBS_**** files using the version I have? Can I uninstall my Version 10 and then be able to delete the SBS_*** files and then reinstall the latest Ad-Aware free version? I saw a note on your website that I could update to Ver 11.10.767.8917 and the update would install over my current version. Is the upgrade the correct solution, so that I can use the “Plugins” solution mentioned in the posting. I do not want to do the wrong thing and freeze or mess up my computer. Your advice and instructions would be appreciated. Thanks for any suggestions or ways to delete the SBS_STDRL files
  2. Hi, Just a quick question on how to install update V8. I have Version 8.1.4 and have downloaded the version 8.2 update. I need to know how to proceed with the update. Do I need to uninstall V8.1.4 FIRST, then run the downloaded V8.2 file? Or just doulbe click the V8.2 downloaded file and the V8.2 install will do what ever is needed to update my V8.1.4 to the current 8.2 update. Thanks, krazykat
  3. Is there any way for Lava Soft to help with the problems posted about the Anniversary Edition 8.0 (AE8)? I posted on October 15 about SE8 starting to scan and then stopping for no apparent reason. I received an answer that I had a virus that was probably causing AE8 not to scan. I have worked that problem and I so not have a virus and AE8 still will not complete a scan. By the way I thought AAE8 was a virus scanner nad supposed to find virus. There are many, many posts about AE8's failure to load, start and finish scanning, and causing many other problems( all the other problems can't be caused by viruses). There is very, very little support or even comment from Lava Soft about the problems, much less advice on possible fixes. I realize AE8 is free and a "lot " of support should not be expected. But on the other hand, if AE8 is as buggy and as bad as is apparent from all the postings, Lava Soft is really hurting it's self by not helping to fix the problems. Or they could just remove AE8 from the market until the problems are fixed. Also, check out the forums for the non AE8 version, the same problems are being posted, with the same lack of Lava Soft support. Thanks, krazykat
  4. Hi Casey boy, You posted on Oct 22 " Hi, I'd like you to read the instructions in my signature and post a HJT log in the HJT forum for analysis since I think malware may be the cause of your problem. Casey " Could you post the link to the instructions you posted in the HJT log? I looked at several different sites that has HJT postings and logs trying to find your instructions. I have the same problem as described ---- Ver 8.1.1 starts a scan and then for no apparent reason the whole program shuts down. I re start Ad-Aware, start the scan and the same shut down happens with no information on the screen as to why. Thanks, krazykat
  5. I am having the same problem. I did not "upgrade". I did a "add/ remove programs" to remove the 2 year old version of Ad-Aware I was using. I might add that the reason I decided to install the version 8.1, was a slow loading and slow to start a scan that developed. I kept getting a "the scan engine" is busy. I did a new install of 8.1. I am seeing the same symptoms described by Halloween. The "loading" screen seems to take about 30 seconds to finish and present the scan selection screen. Select either full scan or fast scan and the scanning starts and runs for about 10- 15 seconds and the screen disappears. I believe the programs terminates, rather than just goes "off screen". When I restart, and go to the scan screen, the message that a full scan has not been completed. Also, the scan selection screen will disappear after about 35- 40 seconds if no selection is made. I also have an Ad-Ware Pop up that says " Ad-Watch Live! detected that a maliciour process id running and started a scan in background mode. You will be able to clean any infections safely after the scan is finished". After about an hour of operation I have not received any notice the background scan has finished. My system is WIN XP pro, Spy Sweeper, Zone Alarm Pro and Spy Bot. Any one else having the same or similar symptoms or have solved the problem? If Ad-Ware technical support is monitoring this forum, you comments, suggestions, AND solution would be appreciated. Thanks, krazykat