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  1. I just upgraded to 2008. Running Vista 07 w/ SP 2. Before this was running Adaware 2007, and have not had to use the software in a couple of years. There was nothing wrong with SE Personal if you ask me... but it wasn't making any new jobs for people. I got a virus in my email this morning. I don't know why I would trust Microsoft when they claim that attachments are automatically scanned for malicious content. My first scan with 2008, it took all of 2 minutes to get to object number 122855. Now, going on 27:00 and still scanning 122855. This must be the magic number. Or maybe it's just a really big object. Truthfully, the software is stuck! Maybe the file cannot be scanned because it is in use by the OS... I will reboot in SafeMode and try again. Will repost if this helps. 30:00... I'll just bake a cake or something and wait for electrons to follow the path of least resistance!