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  1. I have realized that I´m not the only person with problems installing Lavasoft Personal Firewall in Windows 7 64 bits,and this new OS is beginning to be the "usual" OS inside millions PC's & laptops over the world so,please...,as a paying customer,I ask you for beginning soon to give support in this product to Windows 7(32 & 64 bits) Yours sincerely makinaitor
  2. Please,When an update of Lavasoft Firewall Pro for Windows 7 64 bits? I have tried to install the version 3 of the product but Windows 7 shows me a message about known problems of compatibility and it doesn't allow to load properly the net driver,so the program can't protect me properly.(I updated my OS to windows 7 64 bits yesterday and I need desperately a version of Lavasoft Firewall Pro for this operative system:I have an intruder who is stealing my data and password of my account of Rapidshare and my licenses of Virtualdj,so please get an update for Windows 7! S.O.S.! Bye!