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  1. Hi Visitor, I would like to thank you for everything. Best Regards.
  2. OK, I will do it. But I didn't understand somethings: Why I have to create two folders at desktop? Why can't I copy the core.aawdef directly at C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\Defs using Windows Explorer? I already have a shortcut to Ad-Aware.exe at desktop, have I create another one? Thanks.
  3. Ok, I will follow your recomendation. I won't update to 8.1 version. But I have a problem to update only the definitions file, let me try to explain you. First of all, I tried to update though update button on user interface program and nothing happened. After that, I tried to update though tray icon and that sound was played, like I told you. After that, I downloaded the definitions file manually and I tried import from settings button and nothing happened again. Finally, I tried to copy the core.aawdef to defs folder and again nothing happened. I only got successfull update though start button, but updating this way I will receive both software and definitions file and like you said, I just need the definition file, then how can I update only the definition file? I will download Revo Uninstall to try on another programs that I want to remove. Thanks.
  4. Hi Visitor, When I said "bip" I mean a sound. Like I said, when I tried to update though Tray Icon a sound was played, only a quickly sound, nothing more. I will uninstall Ad-Aware 8.0.8 and I will try Ad-Aware 8.1, like you suggested. I never hear about "revouninstaller.com". What is it? I appreciate your help. Best Regards, João Bosco Delfino Jr.
  5. Hi People, I'm using Ad-Aware AE 8.0.8, Windows XP SP3, AVG Free 8.5 and Firewall of Windows turned on. I could update the program just though start button (Start -> All Programs -> Lavasoft -> Ad-Aware -> Ad-Aware Updates). When I tried to update though Ad-Aware user interface nothing happened and when I tried to update though tray icon a bip was played. Regards, João Bosco Delfino Jr.