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  1. So tell me why is it that I can go to File Hippo and download the one version just before 8.1 and it works just fine and the new one will not. That tells me there is nothing in my computer but a bug with the new one, wish you would just fix the new one because I feel this program is great!! Thanks for letting me vent Dennis PS. remember everyone go to ( )to download the older version until they new one fixed, that is if you like the Ad-Ware program like I do. Thanks Again Dennis
  2. have done this have even reinstalled a number of times and the same. ran a virus scan it found some adware problem and removed it, still the same thing happens when I scan! the old one worked just fine until I updated it to 8.1. Thanks Dennis sorry it should not be this tuff a simple patch or something should fix this I'll just find a new program even if I have to buy it thanks anyway.Dennis
  3. I'm sorry it is the lastest down load being new to the form was not sure what and where to put this. Thanks The old one worked just fine but when I down loaded 8.1 it does that, also down loaded it to my laptop and the new one works just fine on that but not my desktop. Now my desktop is running XP and my laptop Vista didn't know if that made a diff.? Thanks Dennis
  4. After i scan my computer the Scan Results page will not show up for me to perform any action to get rid of anything it will just drop down to my bar at the bottom of my page with a yellow caution symbol over it and I CAN NOT EVEN open Ad-Aware again!! Help!! Thanks Dennis