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  1. [quote name='Mark311' post='119137' date='Apr 20 2010, 07:25 AM']I have not been able to get updates since last week (last sucessful one from 4/4)...get a connection error -2... (But please humor me and read further)...when I went to check these forums (from my HOME computers) for assistance I am unable to get into these forums...just clocks. Sounds like a typical hijack right? I don't think so... for multiple reasons. In brief: 1) I've had 3 Antivirus/Antispyware type programs running concurrently for years...(Norton, Ad-Aware, Malewarebytes). I scan and update obsessively...and ALL show clean in quick and extended scans. 2) Experienced same behavior (can't get to this support forum) on my MAC (which has NO Windows software that should be susceptable to same virus/very specific symptoms...)... So that's 2 computers and 3 different browsers!!! 3) And [u]HERE's the Kicker[/u]... Called my Internet provider (NOT a mom and pop) for assistance/ideas and they are NOT able to get here (http://lavasoftsupport.com) either...yet, like me, they can get into any of the other lavasoft sites... the techs checked to see if they had a block etc... nothing...but they just clock like me. [u]My logical leap[/u]... I think the inability for me to access the forums through my Provider is related to me not being able to get updates (it (-2) really behaves like a time out...which is consistent with what I see when I attempt access to the forums). Note: I did try some of the approaches I was able to see outside the forum...e.g. right click/properties/compatibility mode (that didn't have XP as a choice), and other stuff...hasn't worked. [u]My predicament[/u]: I'm in kind of a stand off...can't do much troubleshooting from my home computers...because I can't get here. Doesn't look like a Lavasoft issue since I can get here from other computers. Doesn't look like a provider problem...they can't find anything...and there are no other symptoms... Was going to wait it out...hoping it would resolve itself...but not seeming to do so... Any ideas would be appreciated...am getting close to de-installing Ad-aware and calling it a day...which would suck because I have a lot left on subscription...and I kinda like (and am confident) in the software. Footnote: Since I have the paid version...have been trying to get LS tech support...they keep sending me canned responses that I might be hijacked and to come here for help (catch 22).[/quote] Been having the same problem as you. Could not get to this forum and getting a -2 error when attempting to update Ad-Aware. Finally left an email to the sales people and a tech person responded with the same old BS as they gave you, blaming it on infected computer, fragmented disk and other stuff to get the monkey off their backs. Today 04/21/2010 I finally was able to update and didn't change ONE THING on my computer. I don't trust these idiots at Lavasoft, you can see on this forum how much trouble they have with their software, it is something almost all the time. As you can tell I was able to get to this forum today also. We get more help from this forum than the Lavasoft people give us. If i wasn't a paying customer then it would be different. I don't see how they ever sell this crap. Anyway I am glad to finally get here and see that others had the same problem. Good Luck.
  2. Thanks to the people on this forum for pointing us to the Revo Uninstaller, this is a great software program. I use it now instead of the add/remove programs because it will clean up the registry and left over files on the hard drive. I don't understand why Microsoft couldn't have made the add/remove programs similar to this program. Again thanks volunteers and lavasoft techs or whoever posted it on this forum.
  3. [quote name='visitor' post='117722' date='Mar 6 2010, 04:14 AM']Sorry, I meant to keep an eye out for any newer posts. They first released 8.2 on Feb 16 which resulted in an onlslaught of posts here, followed by a quick fix on Feb 19, but still other bugs exist. Having worked at an engineering firm, I know marketing, development, and support can be at odds with one another. From a PR standpoint, you want to publish good news, but then there are technical glitches. Ad-Aware Free users are stuck in limbo since they don't have the ear of Lavasoft Customer Support.[/quote] Paid users don't have the ear of Lavasoft Customer Support either. After updating to 8.1 it was taking over a minute to load ad-aware on my compaq presario AMD processor 3000 running windows xp with 2GB of ram. These people ignored this problem for over 2 months because it was loading faster on newer machines and not enough people were complaining about slow loading. I got so fed up that I am NOT renewing my subscription. I sent several messages to them and they ignored them all but about 2 and the ones they did respond to they only said loading other software might make it slow. I tried to point out that the AE edition loaded in about 20 seconds so what was the difference. So if anyone is thinking of paying for ad-aware they better reconsider. Just my opinion.
  4. [quote name='visitor' post='114647' date='Dec 21 2009, 09:24 PM']Yes, clicking "Update" does both software and definitions. I installed AE 8.0.3, immediately turned off auto-updates, and manually download/install the definitions only. It's pretty easy - you just download the core.zip, unzip it, drop the core.aawdef file into the Ad-Aware Defs folder, exit and restart Ad-Aware. I keep all the necessary folder and file shortcuts in a folder on my desktop.[/quote] Oh this does not work well with me. The download speed of the core.zip file is so slow that it would take 30 minutes or more to download. The download speeds of the core.zip file that I experience are as low as 8 kbs and never up to 100 kbs. All other programs and etc download at about 375 kbs. I don't know where you are going to get the core.zip, I know how to do what you say but can't stand the slow download so I am letting AE update using update manager. I have the auto update turned off myself. Are you not seeing this slow download speed?
  5. [quote name='Zipy' post='114070' date='Dec 6 2009, 06:16 PM']I just installed the latest free version and did a full scan, or at least 7 hours is where I stopped it. It was obviously still scanning (scrolling through different files) so it wasn't just stuck. Even the old version took a long time, but isn't 7+ hours rediculous? I wasn't downloading anything and in fact wasn't even on the computer during the scan. Can someone offer some insight ? Thanks.[/quote] To all complaining about slow scan times. Well the reason for this is that Lavasoft decided they wanted to add anti virus and other stuff to this spy ware software. Now if someone wanted an anti virus why in the hell would they want to use Lavasoft with ALL the problems these pinheads have with new versions and updates. I have the latest version of AVG antivirus and it updates in a very short time and I have never had any problems with it. The Anniversary Edition of Ad-Aware in my opinion was a good program but they can't leave well enough alone. I updated to the 8.1 version and it took over a minute to load the darn GUI whereas on the AE version it took about 20 seconds when the AAWservice.exe wasn't loaded but once it was loaded then the GUI loaded instantly. I dread the day when I can no longer update the virus definitions in AE and have to manually download which IS ANOTHER PROBLEM. The manual download speed on the core.zip file is 10-50 kbs whereas other files/programs download at about 375 kbs about 20-30 times slower. I can remember back when Ad-Aware first started it was a good little program but lately has become a headache. Now I AM A PAYING CUSTOMER I am not using the free version but that doesn't change anything Lavasoft DOES NOT HAVE ANY CUSTOMER SUPPORT TO SPEAK OF. So All of us should complain to Lavasoft and tell them why did they put anti virus into this if they didn't know how to make it work faster, in fact why don't they go back to the Anniversary Edition and forget about anti virus let the people who know what they are doing write that software. These pinheads at Lavasoft haven't seen the football since the kickoff !!!!!
  6. When you folks speek of manual update I assume you are talking about downloading the core.zip file into a folder and then unzipping it yourself rather than using update manager. With that said does anyone else have this problem. When I try to download the core.zip file the download speed is extremely slow, for example my DSL is 3MB and most every thing downloads at about 375kbs but the last time I tried the core.zip it was downloading at 8kbs, this is the slowest speed yet. However I have never had it download any faster than 80-90kbs. Does others experience this. If the update manager downloaded this slow it would take over 30 minutes to download an update, but this doesn't happen letting the program update itself. I have had to go back to AE edition so I hope it will keep updating from the update manager if not I am screwed. What gives with this and do any of you folks experience the same slow download when manually updating the core.zip file. Thanks as always for ALL your help Lord knows Lavasoft will not help.
  7. [quote name='SpySentinel' post='114575' date='Dec 19 2009, 06:11 PM'][b]*Update*[/b] There has been an official response from Lavasoft that I posted here: [url="http://www.lavasoftsupport.com/index.php?showtopic=28071"]http://www.lavasoftsupport.com/index.php?showtopic=28071[/url][/quote] What a bunch of PINHEADS! One problem after another.
  8. [quote name='visitor' post='114538' date='Dec 18 2009, 09:52 PM']Thanks for the info [/quote] As of now I don't see anyway we can work around this. If you use an older version of AE and don't manually update it then it will download the newest version AE 8.0.8 then that version will download the autolaunch program. I guess you would have to manually download the update and unzip it to a folder that wouldn't bother Ad-Aware and copy only the files you need, but it is much easier to click on update later. Thanks for trying to help.
  9. [quote name='visitor' post='114499' date='Dec 18 2009, 01:18 AM']Good question - if there is, workarounds haven't been discussed here like at the AVG forum. I'm guessing the update notification was added in the last version of Ad-Aware 8.0.8 which was released a month before the new 2010 8.1, so if that's what you now have (check by clicking the GUI "About"), you might want to try an earlier version from filehippo.com - they have 8.0.0, 8.0.5, and 8.0.7. [url="http://filehippo.com/download_ad-aware/"]http://filehippo.com/download_ad-aware/[/url] Or you can play around with it yourself, just make sure you can reverse anything you do. In AVG, I changed the name of the folder "Notifications" which stopped the nag screens to update from 8.5 to 9.0. Also, there was talk about renaming a few .dll files, but that did not work after another software update. There might be something similar in Ad-Aware, but if it's coded into the main .exe and not a .dll, you're out of luck.[/quote] Thanks for the tip....I have found how to stop this annoying screen. The following is a workaround: (1)Go to My Computer (2) Select drive C (3) Select PROGRAM FILES (4) Select LAVASOFT (5) Select AD-AWARE (6) RENAME or DELETE the file Autolaunch.exe If you want to try something first then open Ad-Aware, open Task Manager and click on the process tab. Find the file autolaunch.exe click to endprocess, notice that the splash screen closes. Pass this on if you want. Oops when you do an update it builds the file autolaunch.exe back again. I gotta work some more on this, sorry I thought I had found us a good workaround. Anyway the file is autolaunch.exe located in \program files\lavasoft\ad-aware... When I get time I will work in the registry and see if it is coming from there.
  10. Hey Visitor I had to go back to the Anniversary Edition and wanted to ask you is there a way to stop the update to 2010 version 8.1 splash screen from coming up every time. I know I can click on update later but just wondering if there was a registry key or something that makes this thing pop up and if I could disable it. Sent message to Lavasoft but never even got an acknowledgment. Thanks in advance.
  11. [quote name='beermug' post='114246' date='Dec 11 2009, 12:47 PM']Hi: Since upgrading to 8.1 , the program loads VERY slow. I removed all entries from startup using msconfig , and also prevented the program from loading automatically on startup. But still takes long time to load. Is there a fix available? Thanks beermug Windows XP home edition [service pack3] AMD Athlon 1800+ cpu 2 gb of DDR ram[/quote] If Lavasoft is looking into it then the person must have went on Vacation until sometime in 2010 because it has been well over a month now and I am still having the same trouble. I reported this to the Lavasoft customer support again last week but this time they have not even bothered to answer my message. I am not a genius but it looks to me as if someone smart enough to write the program SHOULD have enough sense to find what is causing a slow loading process. I wish you good luck.
  12. [quote name='visitor' post='114219' date='Dec 10 2009, 02:15 PM']I can understand your frustration, but it's not necessary to open new topics about existing problems. When you reply to an old topic, it bumps it back to the top of the page and it's included when we click "View New Posts." Keeping it streamlined makes it easier for us to report things to Lavasoft so we don't have to hunt down numerous posts on the same topic (the search function of this board doesn't work very well). On the other hand, sometimes we'll split someone's post out from the rest if it's an unrelated issue or problem which we can address individually - that way, once it's solved, we can close it, and it will eventually drop down to page 2 and beyond. In regards to AVG, and software updates in general, I tend to believe "if it works, don't fix it." I still use Ad-Aware AE 8.0.3 and AVG 8.5. As long as definition updates continue and I can scan, I'm happy. I haven't found a need for any of the Ad-Aware updates, many of which were language and GUI fixes. AVG 8.5 warned that I needed to upgrade to 9 by December 1st, but I read on their forum some people having problems with installation - so I waited, and lo and behold, definitions can still be updated with 8.5.[/quote] Again THANKS FOR YOUR HELP. I upgraded to AVG 9 without any problems and in fact have had no problems with Ad-Aware except it is slow as smoke off cold cow manure. Think I will go back to Ad-Aware AE and update manually. Thanks again for you guys that try to help, you are a blessing since they have no support system at Lavasoft. I understand your point on grouping like messages together and will proceed in that manner from now on.
  13. Hey visitor, thanks for at least trying to help us on this sorry POS ad-aware 8.1. The reason I started new topics is because it seems that by merging things get hidden into old topics and some people might not read it. I am a paying customer and don't get any response when I send emails to customer support. I wish I knew how to complain to places that are pumping this software. I can guarantee this, when my subscription is up I will NEVER EVER pay for this software again. For a comparison lets take AVG anti virus, after an upgrade from version 8 to version 9 I experienced a slight problem and they responded with a fix within 24 hours. I don't understand why Ad-Aware didn't just stick to working on spy ware instead of branching out into anti virus and all this other stuff, that way they could have kept their programs small. Anyway thanks for to all you guys/gals volunteering your time to try and help us.
  14. Hey, can someone tell me if they are planning on fixing this thing so us people that are running slower processors (I mean not the dual core processors) can load it in less than a minute. I am not having ANY other problems except it takes forever to load. You would think that if they are smart enough to write the program they could fix it like the Anniversary Edition which worked excellent. Why do they just ignore problems like this?
  15. The funny thing here is I am NOT HAVING any of the problems that I read about here on the forum. I had NO trouble installing version 8.1, I am having NO problems updating it, I have NO problems running scans, the problem I do have is IT TAKES 50 - 60 SECONDS TO LOAD THIS STUPID THING. The anniversary edition was not that way. Now for those of you that may be wondering about my system here it is. I have a compaq presario with AMD Athlon 3000 XP processor running at 2.16 GHz. I am using Windows XP Home edition with SP3, using 2 Gb of ram. The ONLY thing I load at bootup is AVG anti virus version 9 and Online Armor. I use a program called Easy Cleaner to keep the registry clean and to keep unnecessary files(temp internet and etc) off the disk. I keep the disk defragged on a regular basis. So in a nut shell what I am saying is why are more people not experiencing this slow loading problem. I think maybe on the newer dual core processors it may not take that long and also people may be loading Ad-Adware at bootup and don't notice how long it takes to load. I purchased the Anniversary Edition Pro and was loading it and using the Ad-Watch but since this stupid version I disabled the Ad-Watch and don't load Ad-Aware at bootup. I run the thing once or twice a week but usually don't find anything. I am using a router and using AVG and Online Armor so I am pretty safe. Sometimes the Ad-Aware finds a few tracking cookies but heck it did when I was running the Ad-Watch so I still had to run scans. If you are having slow loading problems would some one help me fuss about this. I keep complaining to the Ad-Aware customer support but it seems to do NO GOOD.